Shulginov called the invariable goal of the Russian energy

MOSCOW, 4 Sep — PRIME. The strategic goal of Russia – to provide citizens with all the necessary energy resources – remains unchanged, said Nikolai Shulginov, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, in his congratulations on the Day of Oil and Gas Workers.

Mishustin noted the professionalism of oil and gas industry workers

“The energy strategy of Russia, plans for the development of the oil and gas industry will be adjusted, but the strategic goals remain unchanged. This is, first of all, providing consumers with all the necessary energy resources,” the minister said.

He explained that the implementation of this task is a priority – gasification of the regions, increase in the production of petrochemical products, expansion of the use of gas motor fuel in the domestic market, maintaining stable oil and gas production to maintain domestic and external demand for hydrocarbons.

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“Oil and gas is not only a source of funds for social and economic construction, but also a powerful stimulus for scientific and technological progress, the creation of new industrial centers, and the development of territories,” Shulginov said.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak

Novak urged oilmen to unite under sanctions

He emphasized that the industry is developing thanks to the workers of the oil and gas industry, and expressed his gratitude for the loyalty to the cause and mentorship of industry veterans.

“I sincerely wish you and your families good health, happiness, and labor victories for the benefit of the Russian fuel and energy complex,” the head of the Ministry of Energy concluded.

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