Slovak crypto-investment company Fumbi comes up with an application with which you can buy a crypto directly in your mobile

With the new Fumbi application, users can deposit money into any of the products and easily choose them. All you have to do is choose one of the three products, the payment method and make a deposit of at least € 50.

The Slovak crypto-investment company Fumbi was established in 2018 and since then it has gained more than 100,000 users in Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. Last year it brought its users several novelties within the product portfolio, this year it has brought a new payment option and application for iOS and Android systems. The application became the first most downloaded application in the finance category within 24 hours of launch.

S application users have an overview of their account and the current prices of individual cryptocurrencies at hand, they can easily make deposits, withdrawals and, as with the desktop version of Fumbi, they do not need to set up their own wallets.

Safety comes first

At Fumbi, safety always comes first. For safe storage cryptocurrency The company uses the Ledger Vault platform, which is one of the best and most trusted cryptocurrency storage solutions in the world. At the same time, it regularly undergoes an independent audit, which proves that the quantities of cryptocurrencies listed in the user accounts are identical to the quantities deposited in the wallets. The platform also works with a company that checks that the Fumbi system is secure and unassailable.

Which product to invest in?

S Fumbi Index Portfolio you invest more than 20 top proven cryptocurrencies in your entire portfolio. Figures from 2021 confirm that investing in a portfolio compiled by Fumbi experts and managed by the Fumbi Algorithm generates greater returns for users than investing in bitcoin alone. With the application you can easily make a deposit and the rest will be taken care of by the Algorithm.

You can easily invest in the product Fumbi Custom Choice, in which you choose individual cryptomens at your own discretion. You currently have a choice Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Cardano and Avalanche. This product is suitable for more experienced users who want to choose cryptocurrencies, but like to take advantage of first-class storage at Fumbi.

Currently, many users are expanding their investment portfolios with a product Fumbi Bitcoin and Gold. Bitcoin, a cryptomene with high growth potential, stabilizes conservative gold in it. Users invest in bitcoin and the cryptocurrency PAX Gold, which is covered with real gold. The algorithm in this product evenly distributes the 50:50 investment between the two assets.

Legal entities and companies can invest in the product with Fumbi Fumbi Business Choicewhich works on the same principle as Fumbi Custom Choice. And for legal entities, investing in cryptocurrencies may be even more advantageous than for individuals.

How to invest?

Cryptocurrencies are intended for long-term investment. The market is subject to many fluctuations, so it is better not to react impulsively and to save regularly for a long time, for example by setting up a standing order in a bank. And when you see that the cryptocurrency market has dropped significantly in the short term, you can easily make a deposit in a product with the Fumbi app, and in addition buy additional cryptocurrencies at a good price. Fumbi informs its users about such opportunities so that they do not miss anything.