Sonar and Slider test, i.e. we check the KFA2 peripherals

Sonar and Slider test, i.e. we check the KFA2 peripherals

We know KFA2 mainly from the production of graphics cards and a little less from cooling and motherboards. However, today we have something special for you, because new peripherals from this manufacturer in the form of the Slider mouse and the Sonar headset.

Cheap, interesting and even with backlight, but is it good?

Both Slider and Sonar are low-end devices. We can buy a mouse for PLN 79, and a headset for PLN 109, although the boxes themselves do not suggest such a cheap periphery at first glance. Inside, you will find equipment embedded in a casing (cardboard or plastic) and a description of the product features combined with an English manual. The headset leaflet also encourages us to download the Sonar Tuner software, but we will not find it on the manufacturer’s website (at least at the beginning of August 2021).

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Before we go to each of the devices separately, it is worth emphasizing their one common physical feature – backlight, or more precisely, extensive RGB backlight. This cannot be deactivated in the case of the Sonar headset (unless this option is included in the unavailable software), but in the case of a mouse, you can both completely deactivate the backlight and change the effect by an appropriate combination.

I have a problem with the backlight itself. Even huge, because at this price, placing such an extensive RGB system in both devices is giving up the chance for better quality materials or a sensor in favor of … LEDs and backlight. In other words, I can tell you now that both Slider and Sonar are certainly not the best products (price / performance ratio) that you will find on the market. Of course, unless you care about the backlight. Otherwise – keep reading, because in both cases the RGB system is even pleasing to the eye for this price range.

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KFA2 Slider-01 mouse test

The most important features of this mouse boil down to an asymmetrical casing for right-handers with extended side panels and an additional button by the LMB. This mouse, weighing ~ 120 grams, measures a lot, 128x70x40 mm, and its unusual shape requires a few hours of getting your hands used to new shapes, although in the end even the larger ones will find a lot of support on it.

Although it is difficult to fault the Slider-01, all the buttons and the roller of this model are characterized by an average character of work (the main buttons can withstand up to 5 million activations), and the sliders used to noticeably disturb the smoothness of the mouse movement under even the “speed” material pads. This, in turn, is how its unknown works, i.e. probably a poor-quality sensor at predefined six sensitivity levels, which works at a 125-hertz refresh rate:

In brief? Terrible, which only underlines the noticeable prediction and the LOD at 5mm. Especially that at this price you can get models with great Pixart sensors like the 3325 or even 3360, if you come across a good opportunity.

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For KFA2 Slider-01, I bode a bad future, because even at PLN 79 it does not seem to be a mouse worth recommending for conscious consumers. As a gift for a young player, however, it can be great, because it looks decent, its performance is also not bad (it is worth emphasizing the presence of a cable in a braided material here), and the addition of the backlight may turn out to be crucial for many,

KFA2 Sonar-01 headset test

At first glance, Sonar 1 gives the impression of a solid set for the player, which is accentuated by thin but pleasant to the touch artificial leather with a rich filling of elastic foam on the headband and shells. Thanks to this, the set sits well on the head, is quite comfortable and calms the surroundings a bit … but at the same time, due to the type of foam and leather, it quickly starts to tire the ears. The all-metal forks also make a great impression, connecting the plastic eyecups with the headband and providing a large, but too slightly effective adjustment of the spacing.

Unfortunately, these elements, suggesting higher quality, are linked to those at the other end of the hierarchy. So the plastic used for the earcups doesn’t look very good, the integrated microphone terminated with an orange LED has sloppyly connected elements, and the microphone mute button on the left earcup, accompanied by a potentiometer not related to the system sound, gives the impression of old age. The whole thing is completed by a thick 2-meter cable in an ordinary rubber casing and again the backlight itself tries to make up for these shortcomings, but to no avail.

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On the other hand, the sonar 1 sound quality is a small misunderstanding if you have the pleasure of using high-end audio equipment on a daily basis. The sound of this set is unpleasantly dark, the lows and mids are really lacking, but that’s really a lot of detail, and with more complicated songs the pickups start to get lost at every step.

This model is not completely suitable for music, but it will work well for playing, because in the case of reproducing sounds in space, it does not lame that much. When it comes to the microphone in Sonar 1, this one works well, because although it takes over our voice well, unfortunately it is too quiet.

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The Sonar 1 model can be summed up just like the Slider 1 mouse – it’s good that it’s cheap, but demanding, there is nothing to look for here. Especially that the price here is as much as PLN 109 and I feel something that if it were not for the backlight, the KFA2 would have been able to create a much better or at least cheaper model, so as not to tempt only with the “RGB magic” alone.

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