Goclever City Board Cyclops skateboard test

Goclever City Board Cyclops skateboard test

We are in the middle of summer, which is the perfect time to play with electric vehicles. After Kawasaki’s balance scooter review, it’s time for a completely different device – the Cyclops electric skateboard from Goclever. How will it be in the tests?

We receive the skateboard in a large package. Along with it, there is an instruction, power supply, remote control and a screwdriver. The remote control is rather convenient to use. It has a battery indicator, a button for acceleration and braking, a button for changing the operating mode and reversing the direction of travel. Other accessories allow you to quickly charge the skateboard as well as the remote control and its maintenance. The warranty is 2 years.

The Goclever City Board Cyclops looks just like a regular skateboard. It has a handle that makes it easy to carry. The top is rough and waterproof, which allows you to stand firmly on the board. The material from which the tested product was made is a 7-ply Canadian maple. Cyclops measures 650 x 180 x 140 mm and weighs only 3.8 kg. Underneath is an LG battery with a capacity of 220 mAh, which is to provide up to 180 minutes of continuous driving (up to 12 km). The charging time is 1.5 hours. Moving on, we have 73 mm x 51 mm (2.5 inch) wheels. Their hardness is 80A and they are made of rubber material and do not stand out from the competition. The motor has a power of 350W and is designed to ensure maximum speed: low speed: 10 km / h, medium speed: 15 km / h, high speed: 20 km / h. The board can be used by a person weighing up to 100 kg. These are the most important things in terms of technical parameters – now let’s move on to the fun of driving.

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Impressions of using Goclever City Board Cyclops

The first time I got on the board, I had a problem with keeping my balance. Cyclops twists by shifting gravity left and right, and it was a challenge to grasp it. However, after 30 minutes of driving at low speed, I had already mastered it. You can learn to ride a Cyclops very quickly and it does not cause any problems after a while. I checked it on my own skin, as well as on friends who have never ridden such a device before.

The size of the board may be a problem when learning – it is quite short, so you have to learn to keep your balance and for larger people this can be a problem. However, thanks to this, it can be turned in narrow places, e.g. 360 ° on the pavement, which prevents larger boards. Also, this design allows you to ride more aggressively, which can be dangerous, but it’s a lot of fun. You can turn it faster than with larger boards, so driving in narrow places is not a problem. The only disadvantage in the construction is the raised back of the board – if you accidentally stand on it, you can fly 100% – it is completely unnecessary. You can also be sure that the first time you fall, you will definitely scratch the board a lot – it cannot be avoided. The upper material is quite easy to wear off when in contact with the ground. This occurs mainly on the front and back of the board, but it is also normal among this type of structure. Anyway, you can see in the pictures what happened to it, how my friends tried to ride it for the first time.

After learning, it’s time to move on to faster driving modes. Let me tell you that if you have a slow speed, it does not mean that you will get a higher speed. Each of them has a different acceleration and you need to read it in order to avoid the accident. And believe me, the torn off entire leg and hip is not worth the few minutes spent embracing the ride. A big advantage is the efficient brake, which saves you from losing your balance more than once. However, it is worth switching to higher speeds immediately and finally starting to drive only in the fastest mode. It gives a lot of fun and you can actually get to the place faster.

Goclever City Board Cyclops is great after driving on asphalt – then you do not feel the speed at all and you have the impression of being completely safe. The board has no good shock absorption, as with most electric vehicles of this type, and unevenness is felt on the ankle. Which of course doesn’t mean you can’t go. The Cyclops can handle very small bumps, but there’s no need to think about climbing a larger curb – again, it’s similar to the competition. The range I was able to get on the Cyclops is just under 12 km and the maximum speed is around 19 km / h. I weigh 66 kg, so keep in mind that these numbers may change for heavier people.

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I used to skate mainly in parks and on bicycle routes in the city. Let me tell you that Cyclops definitely makes getting around the city easier. When you safely grasp the fastest riding mode and learn to balance properly on the board, moving on bicycle roads, if they are asphalt, is pure pleasure. You can get to the point quickly and easily, a bit worse as the road is paved, but you get used to it too.


Goclever City Board Cyclops costs about PLN 600. I believe that it is an ideal board for learning to drive on this type of vehicle. If you understand how to use it, you won’t have any problems with much longer structures or other similar vehicles. The board is a lot of fun to ride, and after learning how to use it, you can easily move around the city. The rear elevation is a bit disturbing – the Cyclops is short enough that sometimes the rear is missing, but you get used to it. But thanks to this length, you gain the possibility of maneuvering in small spaces and the possibility of much more aggressive driving. If you are looking for an electric board and you are starting your adventure with this type of device, the Goclever product will be perfect for entering this world – it is not expensive, so if you scratch it, there will be no big crying. In addition, it is harder to control than longer constructions, so after switching to a much more expensive model, you will not destroy it.

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