The Minimal Turing Test will check if we are human based on one word

Minimal Turing Test

The Turing test tests the ability of machines to think in a human-like way. Alan Turing developed it in 1950, and now scientists intend to issue a simplified version.

The Turing test, despite many years on the back of the neck, is still quite effective in judging whether it is a robot or a human. In 2014, for the first time in history, a computer passed this test, convincing 30% of judges in a few minutes that their interlocutor was a 13-year-old boy. With the advancement of techniques such as machine learning and the general progress in the field of artificial intelligence, the Turing Test may prove to be less and less effective. So a new version of it, called the Minimal Turing Test, was developed.

Scientists presented the method on the example of over 1,000 participants. They were then divided into 936 people who suggested 428 different words. Their number was more than two times smaller than the number of volunteers, because some people invented repeating words. A separate group then had to evaluate which words had been suggested by the people. The problem is that there were no machines involved in the test, which could confuse the evaluators. The results turned out to be quite funny.

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The judges considered “poo” the most human word. It was this word that was most frequently assigned to a person. So if you ever need to prove that you are human, use the word “poo.” You can check what other common words were from the picture above.

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