Source: EU countries welcome EC proposals for new energy meters

BRUSSELS, September 27 — PRIME. EU countries generally support the proposals of the European Commission (EC) on new measures to mitigate the situation due to high energy prices, a source in the EU told RIA Novosti.

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“The proposal for regulation to reduce demand for electricity, limit income, collect solidarity was discussed yesterday by delegations in the working group,” the source said.

He noted that the new compromise text of the document will be submitted to the Council of Permanent Representatives of the EU countries to the EU on Wednesday.

“The regulation is generally welcomed by the delegations (EU countries – ed.), discussions are mainly about flexibility and compatibility with national measures, but there are no serious obstacles,” the source said.

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“The text will be submitted to the Energy Council (EU ministers – ed.) on Friday for political agreement, it will be officially adopted by a written procedure in the following days,” he concluded.

The European Commission on September 14 issued a series of proposals for new measures in response to high energy prices in the EU. Among them are restrictions on the demand for electricity, a limit on the profits of companies that generate electricity from cheap sources, the so-called solidarity contributions from excess profits received from activities in the oil, gas, coal and oil refining sectors. Additional funds received in this way by the EU states can be used to support consumers, including energy-intensive companies.

The Extraordinary Council of Energy Ministers of the EU countries, which will discuss these proposals, is scheduled for Friday, September 30th.

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