Spain commented on the idea of ​​developing nuclear power plants in the country

MADRID, Sep 19 – PRIME. The Spanish government will not opt ​​for the development of nuclear power plants against the backdrop of an energy crisis across the EU, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Reyes Maroto said on Monday.

In Germany, advocated the withdrawal of nuclear power plants from the reserve in connection with the energy crisis

“We have the opportunity and we must not back down. Some are suggesting a return to nuclear or coal power, as is currently happening in Germany. Germany has no choice, because the suspension of Russian gas supplies has had a greater impact on it. But we are in a different situation,” she said in an interview with Europa Press.

For this reason, Spain will promote measures to strengthen the country’s energy efficiency as well as the development of renewable energy sources. Given that Spain has significant resources in both solar and hydropower, such a policy would increase the kingdom’s energy security and autonomy, Morato explained.

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She stated that the country’s government would soon announce the exact amount of the investment package for the development of the renewable energy sector.

Last week, Kingdom Energy Minister Teresa Ribera said that Spain’s rooftop solar panels had already increased 10-fold in 2022, adding that this figure would only be strengthened by the use of public hospitals, schools and other institutions.

Spain is one of the sunniest countries in all of Europe. So, in the kingdom there are about 300 sunny days a year.

Over the past twelve months, the price of electricity in Spain has increased by 49.4%. According to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE), this was the main factor behind the widespread price increase. Thus, in July, consumer inflation in the country accelerated to 10.7%, thereby significantly affecting the economic situation of the country’s citizens.

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