Stadler Form Roger 2 is a new series of air purifiers on the Polish market

Stadler Form introduces three advanced air purifiers from the Roger 2 series to the Polish market. They are easy to use, controlled by a smartphone and look good.

Seria Stadler form Roger 2

Stadler Form Roger 2 air purifiers continuously measure indoor air quality using built-in sensors. The measurement results can be checked in the Smart Life mobile application, or in a slightly reduced form on the device housing. The status of the air is indicated by a blue (clean air), orange (moderately clean) or red (bad) diode.

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Stadler Form Roger 2 purify the air in two stages. In the first phase, the contaminants find their way onto a washable textile filter (Sanitized), on which they are held. Behind it there is the second element, a Dual Filter using HEPA and active carbon. The manufacturer ensures that the device is able to exchange the air three times in a room with an area of ​​up to 60 m2 (in the basic version) within an hour. Tests by the Airmid Healthgroup research group show that Roger 2 air purifiers remove 99.9% of influenza A viruses in 60 minutes.

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Three Stadler Form Roger 2 models

The Roger 2 series of purifiers consists of three devices. The smallest Roger little 2 is designed for rooms up to 33 m2. On it, he is able to change the air three times an hour. We will not find Wi-Fi connectivity in this model.

Stadler Form Roger big 2 is designed for larger rooms, and special wheels help to transport it. It also has greater efficiency and can exchange the air three times in a room with an area of ​​up to 104 m2.

It is worth adding that all three Roger 2 models are eye-catching and should fit into any interior. The devices can be controlled from the level of the mobile application or using the touch buttons at the top of the housing, which are dimmed and invisible when we are not using them.

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The prices of the purifiers are as follows:

  • Stadler Form Roger little 2 – 1 399 zł,
  • Stadler Form Roger 2 – PLN 1,999,
  • Stadler Form Roger big 2 – 2 899 zł.

Stadler Form Roger 2 has been working with us for several days and we will soon invite you to its review.