Stores that accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method

Stores that accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method

The possibilities of using Bitcoin as a payment method are developing every day, so crypto-enthusiasts who want to shop have many more options.

Recognized organizations such as Microsoft and Wikipedia are now accepting Bitcoin as payment, and conversations about Bitcoin and the power of cryptocurrencies are becoming more prominent.

Currently, several fast food restaurants and cafes have introduced this method of payment, although there are still jurisdictions where it is not accepted.

Romania – West Oradea Group

In Romania, the list of stores that accept cryptocurrencies has not increased lately. The West Oradea Group is the only major trader in 2019 that accepts payment with bitcoin for new or used cars.

The increase in adoption among Romanian traders was visible in 2017, in full hype. After that, interest decreased with prices. We hope that interest will come soon this time, not when Bitcoin will sell for $ 100,000.

Germany – Lieferservice

The news that Germany’s Burger King accepts payments in Bitcoin has caught a lot of attention. It’s a food delivery app called Lieferservice, which works with restaurants across the country.

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Users can pay for orders placed online with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

USA – Starbucks and Coupa Cafe

Starbucks is one of the companies that developed a collaboration with the Flexa start-up to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Flexa has developed the Spend app, which allows crypto-owners to shop across multiple coffee and fast food networks such as Starbucks. One of these is the Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto.

United Kingdom – OrderTakeaways

Food delivery company OrderTakeaways has over 50,000 restaurants in its list of employees. The site accepts payment with Bitcoin for online orders from 2018. Similar services are offered by the Korean platform Shuttledelivery, as well as Lieferando from Germany and its subsidiaries in several other countries.

In addition to online orders, cryptocurrencies can also be used at Subway restaurants, which has started accepting Bitcoin since 2013 in several locations.

A space visit paid for with Bitcoin

For those who prefer adventurous activities, Bitcoin can be used to buy space travel. Richard Branson’s space travel company Virgin Galactic has started accepting Bitcoin as payment since 2013. His first suborbital space flight was made last year.

Buy jewelry with Bitcoin

An American jewelry company called Reeds Jewelers accepts Bitcoin in both its physical and online stores. Other jewelry companies that support Bitcoin include Blue Nile Jewelry, Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry and Coaex Jewelry.

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A big advantage of buying expensive items like cryptocurrency diamonds is that international transactions are much faster and cheaper. Last year, Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry recorded a 20% increase in crypto transactions, leading to an increase in the company’s sales.

The company has been accepting Bitcoin since 2014.

Gift cards with Bitcoin

Gyft, a digital platform that allows users to buy, send and redeem gift cards, was one of the first merchants to accept cryptocurrencies. The mobile app can be used to purchase Bitcoin gift cards from several merchants, such as Burger King, Subway, Amazon and Starbucks. The company also entered into a partnership with Coinbase to allow users to buy gift cards directly from Coinbase wallets.

Travel with Bitcoin

TravelbyBit, a flight and hotel reservation service, accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Binance Coin and Litecoin (LTC) as payment.

With a network of over 300 merchants using cryptocurrencies, the platform is one of the biggest supporters of crypto adoption. TravelbyBit can let you know about upcoming blockchain events to interact with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the globe.

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Other platforms for booking crypto flights include Destinia, CheapBizClass, CheapAir, AirBaltic, Bitcoin.Travel, Vola and ABitSky, among others.

Electronic products with crypto

For all gadget lovers, there are numerous platforms that allow the purchase of cryptocurrency electronics. Newegg, for example, is an e-retail giant that uses BitPay to process payments made in digital currencies.

Other platforms include Eyeboot (a platform that sells crypto mining equipment on cryptocurrencies), Microsoft. FastTech and Alza (an online store in the UK that sells phones and beauty products).

It is clear that this method of payment is becoming increasingly popular and is an important step in the adoption of large cryptocurrencies.

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