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The market for products revolving around mini-ITX motherboards is booming, whether it is boxes or even coolers, power supplies on the other hand have for a long time now been dominated by almost a single brand, Silverstone. Corsair seeing all this market says that there is a card to play, which will make the happiness of the potential buyers because of the competition, it is always good! The product that I will present to you today is therefore a power supply in SFX format, capable of delivering 600 watts and equipped with an 80Plus Gold certification, enough to power a good big overclocked configuration while having a limited heat release.

Offered at a price of around € 130, it is slightly below the price of its direct competitor, the Silverstone SX600-G (tested here which has been racing solo for far too long now. Let’s see what the beast has got) in the belly


The box is in the image of the colors of the brand (yellow and black) and of all the products they have been offering for quite some time. Sobriety is the order of the day, there is a photo of the product as well as of course the brand logo, the name of the model, the power delivered and the 7-year warranty logos and the 80Plus Gold certification. A small listing of the strong points is also present, namely the 80Plus Gold certification, the total modularity, the Japanese 105 ° capacitors and the hybrid operating mode (fan stopped at rest and up to a certain load).


At the back we find the technical characteristics of the beast such as the dimensions but also the table of the power distribution, we learn that the 12V has all the power for which the power supply is sold, namely 600 Watts, a good thing! In addition to this Corsair offers 2 graphics showing the performance but also the ventilation curve, we see that the fan only starts up from 120 Watts, which will be very much sufficient to have a passive operation at rest or even during light loads.


On the side a list of the connectors available, in addition to the eternal 24-pin and 4 + 4-pin CPU there are 2 PCIe 6 + 2-pin, 4 x Sata and 4 x molex connectors, enough to plug in what you need, a pity, however, to have so many soft connectors when you know how little they are used these days.


Inside the box we fall directly on the manual placed on the power supply, itself taken in 2 foam plates, transport should not pose any problems.


On the bundle side, Corsair also provides everything you need, a manual and its small warranty leaflet, some plastic cable ties, 4 screws, 1 power cord, 1 metal sticker as well as of course the cables and the feed both in bags.

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