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Test – XFX TS 550 80Plus Bronze
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Hi all!

Well known for its graphics cards XFX has diversified over the years and in addition to boxes (like the Type01 Bravo tested here) the brand also offers power supplies ranging from the non-modular 80Plus Bronze version to the fully 80Plus Gold version. modular, today it is the non-modular 80Plus Bronze “basic” version that I am going to present to you, the TS 550!
Offered at around € 60 is the entry-level power supply from XFX worth it? This is what we will see right away!


The box of the TS 550 offers a photo of the top of the power supply, a sticker with the model and the proposed power. The Crossfire Ready, SLI and 80Plus Bronze labels are also present as well as a small indication showing that the capacitors are Japanese (guarantee of quality). We also learn that the power supply is equipped with “EasyRail Plus” technology, you have never heard of it? Neither do I! We will see what it can be later 🙂


At the rear there is still a photo of the product as well as the model with some technical indications, such as the presence of Japanese capacitors and the 85% efficiency of the 85Plus Bronze certification.


On the sides we learn a little more about the “EasyRail” technology which is none other than a single rail on the 12V, not really a novelty and certainly did not deserve a specific name 😉. A listing of the different connectors and their number as well as a table of the power distribution on the different rails is also present and we learn in the end that the 12V rail delivers 528Watts on its own, too bad the power supply does not have been stamped 520 or 530Watts.


Once the box is open we see the power supply as well as its pile of cables, no protection here and the power supply tends to move in the box, too bad!


The bundle consists of:

  • 1 manuel
  • 1 adaptateur molex -> 2 x FDD
  • 4 vis
  • 1 power cord

A completely sufficient bundle for a diet of this type, we have the essentials!


Fixed cables oblige the power supply is provided with a large pile of cables, all sheathed however and are rather of good quality, special attention should be paid during assembly if you want something clean!


From above we find a grille with the XFX logo in the middle, the quality is very good and the matt black paint looks great. Below is the power supply model as well as the power distribution table.

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On all sides we are entitled to the “TS XFX”, at least we can not forget what power it is! Of course the side of the cables is desperately empty, no modularity requires 🙂
The build quality is once again very good, we are not in the presence of a low-end power supply!


Under the carcass we are in the presence of the design of the Seasonic S12 II, so a quality power supply in perspective.


The ventilation is entrusted to a 12cm Jamicon KF1225B1H ball bearing fan rotating at a maximum speed of 2200 RPM, which I hope will not happen otherwise goodbye to silence!

XFX TS 550 80Plus Bronze
Power528 Watts for the + 12V
130 Watts for + 3.3V and +5 V combined
12.5 Watts on the + 5Vsb
6 Watts on -12V
Maximum yield85% / 88% / 85% at 20% / 50% / 100% load
Fan12cm ball bearing
Jamicon KF1225B1H
Sound levelNot specified
ProtectionsOCP, OVP, UVP, SCP, OPP, OTP
Number of 12v rails1
Dimensions150 x 160 x 86 mm
Guarantee5 years
Price69.95 €

As we can see the XFX TS 550 has an 80Plus Bronze certification so a maximum of 88% efficiency at 50% load (new European standards), the ball bearing fan should be a sign of longevity compared to sleeve bearing fans which is a good point. All protection is required here and Japanese capacitors should ensure very good resistance over time, as evidenced by the 5-year warranty that XFX gives to this power supply which is very rare for an entry-level power supply. Offered at a price of € 69.95 it could be a very good starting point for a gamer configuration and an excellent alternative to a Seasonic S12 II.
Let’s see what this XFX TS 550 has in store for us in terms of its connections:

XFX TS 550 80Plus Bronze connectors
24-pin55 cm
4 + 4-pin (Processor)55 cm
8-pin (Processor)55 cm
6 + 2-pin PCIe60 cm
6-pin PCIe60 cm
Sata + Sata + Sata55 + 13 + 13 cm
Sata + Sata + Sata55 + 13 + 13 cm
Sata + Sata + Sata37 + 13 + 13 cm
Molex + Molex + Molex55 + 13 + 13 cm
Molex + Molex + Molex37 + 13 + 13 cm
Adaptateur Molex -> 2 x FDD14 cm

One thing is certain, the XFX TS 550 does not lack connectors, with 9 Sata and 6 Molex 4-pin it will be able to power a very large number of peripherals without having to resort to adapters, which is a very good thing. ! 2 cables are present to power the processor, a 4 + 4-pin and an 8-pin. A small complaint can be made at the level of PCIe connectors because there are not 2 6 + 2-pin cables which will force the user with a graphics card equipped with 2 6 + 2-pin connectors to use an adapter.
Another small black point that could be disturbing, the length of the CPU cables, with 55 cm it will be necessary to pay attention to the box used under penalty of being a little short.
Now for the tests!

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The test platform

The XFX TS 550 Bronze power supply has been tested on the configuration below:

  • Processor: Intel Core i7 875K @ 3,2 Ghz
  • Motherboard: Asus P7P55D
  • Memory: Kingston HyperX 4 x 2 Go 1600Mhz
  • Hard disk: WD Raptor 150 Go
  • Graphic card: Sapphire Toxic 5850

The test protocol

The core i7 875K has been slightly overclocked to 3.2Ghz. The readings in charge were taken during an OCCT Power Supply test, the readings at rest were taken after 15mins on the desk.

The power supply has been tested against:

  • be quiet E9 580CM (tested here)
  • be quiet! L8 Pure Power 500 (tested here)
  • be quiet! Straight Power 10 500 CM (tested here)
  • Corsair CS450M (tested here)
  • Seasonic S12 600 (de 2006)
  • Seasonic G550 (tested here)
  • Seasonic X650
  • Seasonic P660 (tested here)
  • Seasonic Platinum 460FL (tested here)
  • Silverstone NightJar 520 (tested here)

The consumption

Before starting, let’s take a look at the performance of the power supplies compared to the XFX TS 550 Bronze, indeed the different 80Plus certifications will directly influence consumption, so this will be a good way to have concrete results. Only the S12 600 does not have an 80Plus certification because it did not yet exist at the time of purchase (but the following versions of this power supply had the classic 80Plus certification, so 80% / 80% / 80% to 20% respectively / 50% / 100% load).


The XFX TS550 Bronze fits perfectly into the nails of an 80Plus Bronze power supply and even does a bit better than the be quiet! L8 500Watts which is its direct competitor in this comparison today. With 361 Watts on load, the power supply is not very far from power supplies with 80Plus Gold certification while being much more affordable.
Note that consumption has been recorded to take for the complete configuration.

The tensions


The voltages are also rather very stable for the XFX TS 550 Bronze, with the 3.3V which goes from 3.39V at rest to 3.36V under load, the 5V from 5.15 to 5.06 and the 12V which remains unmoved at 11.96V than this. either at rest or under load. Nothing to say here, for an entry-level power supply the XFX defends itself really well, this once again proves the know-how of Seasonic which is at the origin of the internal design.
So far the results of the XFX TS 550 Bronze are very good, but there is still one point to check and not least, the noise level!

Noise pollution

Attention : Part to be taken with a grain of salt, unfortunately not having access to the appropriate equipment and using an android application to take the readings the measurements below are only indicative! The readings were taken 15cm from the feed.

XFX_TS550_Core_edition_results_ nuances_sonores

Looking at the graph we could say that the XFX TS 550 Bronze is not the quietest, but it should be remembered that a good part of the tested power supplies are either Fanless (Silverstone Nightjar 520, Seasonic 460GL) or hybrids (Seasonic X650, P660) so much more expensive than the poor little power supply tested today! With 33dB at rest it is barely audible at 15cm so once installed in a box nobody will be able to distinguish it from the rest of the components, except if the configuration is passive. Under load and with 36dB it remains particularly discreet and once again will be very largely drowned in the noise of the other components of the PC.
Make no mistake, at this price the results obtained are very good!

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Here we are at the end of this test, what about the XFX TS 550 Bronze?
The good build quality is very good, based on the Seasonic S12II platform known and recognized for a few years as being a very good power supply, the XFX TS 550 therefore displays excellent results whether in terms of voltage stability or efficiency. . The power supply is not the quietest in the test today but will remain very quiet in 95% of configurations, unless you have a fully fanless configuration!
However, all is not rosy, the lack of modularity will require particularly careful assembly under penalty of having a cluster of cables visible in the tower and some cables such as the 2 CPU cables are a little short and may require an extension in some boxes.

Offered at around € 69.95 and accompanied by a 5 year warranty, the XFX TS 550 Bronze provides a very solid service and should follow you for a long time, an ideal power supply for a gamer config that needs a minimum of power without breaking the bank.

The +

  • Base Seasonic S12II
  • Stability
  • Build quality
  • 5 year warranty

The –

  • Not modular
  • Cables a little short

A big thank you to Jérémie from Goldenfish who allowed me to do this test.

Where to find the XFX TSS 500 Bronze?

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