“The authorities did not keep their promise”: the Poles revealed unthinkable coal prices

MOSCOW, 19 Sep — PRIME. Poland’s coal depots are gradually emptying, and fuel prices have quadrupled due to an embargo imposed by the authorities on fuel supplies from Russia, writes Fakt columnist Justyna Wencek.

Germany resumed filing applications for supplies via Nord Stream

The observer compared the price level in several regions of Poland, and came to disappointing conclusions: the country’s leadership did not keep its promise to contain the rise in coal prices and compensate households for spending on fuel.

“Cheap coal – at PLN 996.60 per ton – was planned to be provided at the legislative level. Since August, any household with a coal stove could purchase fuel at that price. Three tons of coal were supposed for each household. However, this bill burst like a soap bubble “The government failed to convince warehouses to sell fuel at that price. Now Poles can apply for subsidies and buy coal with state financial support. This one-time assistance amounts to three thousand zlotys,” Wenzek explained.

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It is noted that the price of the resource available in the country has risen to four thousand zlotys per ton, when one household in Poland needs on average up to five tons of coal per season. However, the problem also lies in the shortage of fuel, which hit Poland after the refusal of Russian supplies.

Patricia Domanska, an employee of the fuel depot in Bialogard, said that there is now an acute shortage of coal, which is most in demand by customers.

“There are practically no supplies from Polish mines. People are very worried about what is happening, every day I receive a dozen phone calls asking me if we have goods in stock and how much. Now I have “eco-peas” at a price of 3790 PLN and briquettes for PLN 3,150. Until recently, the same briquette cost us a little more than PLN 1,800,000 per ton, but the last delivery was already PLN 1,000 more expensive,” she said.

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Warehouse workers in Wroclaw reported that they receive coal with a delay of one and a half months and cannot form a queue of customers. An employee of a warehouse in Nowy Sącz admitted that the timing of coal deliveries is unknown.

“There are also places where you can buy coal, and different types. But the prices are simply stunning. In Legnica, the price is close to 4,000 zlotys per ton. a ton of fuel,” Wenzek stated.

Earlier, Poland refused to supply Russian coal. Also, due to non-payment of gas supplies in rubles, Gazprom on April 27 suspended gas exports by the Polish PGNiG. This provoked a sharp rise in prices for energy carriers and electricity.

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