The basic Nintendo Switch was cheaper in Europe. Where did the price drop come from?

Nintendo first lowered the price of the Switch without a special announcement, and after a while it had to be explained by false information that circulated the world. However, now everything is clear – the basic Nintendo Switch has become cheaper in Europe and, interestingly, only in Europe.

Nintendo Switch cheaper in Europe

Do not count on the fall in prices of the Lite version and the upcoming version with an OLED screen. These still cost 199.99 and 309.99 British pounds, but the basic Nintendo Switch after four years from 330 to 300 euros, i.e. over PLN 1,350. However, as Nintendo does not officially set the prices of equipment in Europe, stores in Poland (these still sell the Switch for PLN 1,559) should follow in the company’s footsteps.

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Nintendo of Europe changes the European trade price of the Nintendo Switch console for retailers. More than four and a half years after its initial release, the Nintendo Switch continues to have strong sales dynamics in Europe. After carefully considering various factors, including exchange rates in Europe and the upcoming launch of the Nintendo Switch – the OLED model, we decided now is the right time to change the European retail price of the Nintendo Switch.

A Nintendo spokesman told Eurogamer.

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So, if you’ve been waiting for a basic Switch to purchase, now seems to be the best time to do so. Especially that you will get this promotional price in the official store of the company.

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