The court did not prohibit actions to sell the Google Play and G Pay brands

MOSCOW, 23 Aug — PRIME. The Moscow Arbitration Court rejected the application of the American Google LLC, which demanded a ban on the implementation of its trademarks Google Play and G Pay registered in Russia, follows from the published court ruling.

The court postponed the dispute between Google and the FAS until October

Google requested these interim measures to be taken in the case of his lawsuit against Pax, LLC, in which the plaintiff demands that the market values ​​of trademarks indicated in the defendant’s reports on their assessment be recognized as unreliable. Several bailiffs were involved in the case by third parties , the Moscow branch of the Federal Bailiff Service, as well as Google Ireland Limited and Google LLC.

The court did not find grounds for taking interim measures. “The case materials do not confirm that in the event of failure to take interim measures, the plaintiff may suffer significant damage or it will become impossible to enforce the judicial act,” the ruling says. It is also noted that “the plaintiff has not provided evidence that when taking the interim measures proposed by him, the balance of interests of the parties will be maintained, and the rights of third parties will not be violated.”

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In this connection, the expert organization assessed the trademarks of the American company, the court materials are not yet explained.

According to Rospatent, the G Pay trademark was registered in Russia in 2020 with priority from 2019 for one class of goods, including, in particular, software for making electronic payments, and one class of services, including electronic payment services, etc. .

The Google Play brand was formalized in 2021 with a priority from 2020. It applies to the same class of goods as G Pay and a class of services that includes online retail services for digital content, computer software, computer games, sound recordings, visuals, audiovisuals, e-publishing, books, films and music.

All property of LLC “Google”, the Russian division of Google, was arrested in numerous legal proceedings.

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