The Czech authorities will provide the country with energy for the winter at affordable prices

PRAGUE, 18 you — PRIME. Czech citizens and entrepreneurs need not be afraid of the coming winter, as the country’s authorities are doing everything to ensure that both the population and businesses are provided with gas and electricity at affordable prices, Prime Minister Petr Fiala said in a televised address to fellow citizens on Sunday evening.

The Czech Republic again convened an extraordinary meeting of the heads of the EU Energy Ministry on September 30

“Autumn is coming, many of you are probably worried about whether you can cope with the energy situation this winter. However, we (the Cabinet of Ministers) have ensured sufficient gas supplies in case Russia stops supplying raw materials,” Fiala said. He clarified that the gas storage facilities are practically full, in addition, a terminal for liquefied natural gas is starting to operate in the Netherlands, in which the Czech Republic has reserved volumes that make up one third of its annual consumption of this type of raw material.

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The prime minister also recalled the Czech government’s decision this week to set maximum consumer prices for gas and electricity for the population, individual entrepreneurs and a number of institutions, such as schools. In addition, large funds have been allocated for firms and enterprises so that they can compensate for the high prices of energy resources.

The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on maximum prices says 6 kroons (about $0.25) per 1 kilowatt-hour for electricity and 3 kroons (about $0.125) for 1 kilowatt-hour for gas.

“But the responsibility lies not only with the government, but with each of us. I would like to ask all citizens of the republic to look around, think about where you can save energy or at least not waste it,” said Fiala.

Fiala’s speech was harshly criticized by opposition party leaders in advance. Thus, the chairman of the ANO movement, ex-premier Andrei Babish accused the prime minister of specifically timed his televised address to the upcoming communal elections at the end of the coming week (September 23-24), as well as the election of one-third of the Senate (upper house of parliament), making it actually campaigning, designed to emphasize the achievements and concern for the population of the parties of the ruling liberal coalition. Fiala denied such accusations.

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