The Embassy announced Russia’s readiness to supply gas to Europe

PARIS, Sep 13 – PRIME. Russia is ready to export gas to the European Union if the latter is interested in it, Alexander Makogonov, spokesman for the Russian embassy in France, said.

Source: EU may limit Russian gas supplies in late autumn

“Ask yourself, ask the European leaders if they want Russian gas? We are ready to supply it,” he told BFMTV, speaking about providing Europe with fuel this winter.

Makogonov stressed that the difficulties with pumping gas from Russia to the EU are primarily due to sanctions that have affected, among other things, the main supply routes. As an example, he cited the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline, which was under the restrictions of Poland and is now empty. Nord Stream was suspended due to technical problems, Nord Stream 2 was never launched, despite the completion of its construction, the spokesman recalled.

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The embassy spokesman stressed that the obstacles come from the West, not Russia.

“We would sincerely want to know if Europe wants to receive our gas?” he stressed.

Western states have imposed sanctions against Russia in connection with the start of a special operation in Ukraine. The restrictions also affected the energy sector. For example, Warsaw banned Russian Gazprom from pumping gas through the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline. In addition, the measures introduced led to problems in the repair of Nord Stream equipment, which was suspended indefinitely due to the failure of the last gas turbine.

Both highways served as the main routes for the supply of Russian gas to Europe.

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