The EU appreciated the idea of ​​a gas hub in Turkey

BRUSSELS, 14 Oct – PRIME. The European Union seeks to reduce dependence on Russian “blue fuel” as soon as possible, spokesman for the European Commission Tim McPhee said at a briefing, commenting on the discussion between Russia and Turkey on the creation of a gas hub in Turkey.

Iran spoke about the requests of some countries for gas supplies

“I have very few comments on that discussion yesterday that you are talking about. What is clear about our position on Russian gas is what we are moving away from. We are trying to reduce our dependence on Russian gas as quickly as possible. And the infrastructure is here nothing to do with it,” he answered the question, which, in particular, concerned the discussion of the creation of a gas hub in Turkey.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia could move gas transit from Nord Stream to the Black Sea region and Turkey. The Russian leader discussed the idea with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. They instructed to work out the issue in detail and quickly.

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Negotiations between the delegations of Turkey and the Russian Federation on the creation of a gas hub will begin next week, a diplomatic source in Ankara told RIA Novosti.


The European Commission is continuing discussions with EU countries to determine whether it should include a cap on gas prices in the new energy package it will propose next week, Commission spokesman Tim McPhee said at a briefing.

“The European Commissioner (Energy Kadri Simson – ed.) said that discussions will continue over the weekend before seeing what we can offer next week,” he answered the question whether the EC will offer, in particular, a price cap on gas imports and its prices in the domestic market.

The European Commission will present a new energy package on October 18, Simson said on October 12. It is possible that the energy ministers of the EU countries will discuss it on October 25, and new meetings may be convened to make decisions on it, said the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Joseph Sikela.

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