The European Parliament considers gas fields in Cyprus important for the EU

ATHENS, 4 Sat — PRIME. The President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, called the gas fields discovered in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus promising.

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Metsola gave an interview to the Cypriot edition of the Kathimerini newspaper on the eve of her visit to Cyprus, scheduled for September 9th.

The French company TotalEnergies and the Italian Eni reported the discovery of large gas deposits 160 kilometers off the coast of Cyprus in the Cronos-1 well in block 6, at a depth of 2,287 meters. A preliminary estimate suggests deposits of approximately 2.5 trillion cubic feet (70 billion cubic meters) of gas, and an additional well in the area could show additional volumes. In addition, gas reserves in the Aphrodite field are 4.5 trillion cubic feet, in the Glafkos field from 5 to 8 trillion cubic feet.

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“Recent discoveries of significant gas reserves off the coast of Cyprus are important for two reasons,” Metsola said.

“Firstly, they promise to increase gas production in the EU without dependence on energy supplies from third countries. This news is promising at a time when we need to replace Russian energy sources,” the speaker said.

“Secondly, today’s crisis has brought EU member states even closer – we are developing common solutions to common problems. This means that the discovery of large natural gas fields in one country is good news for the entire bloc and makes us all stronger,” Metsola said. .

In her opinion, a common approach to energy can bring the EU countries even closer and become a catalyst for peace and cooperation, rather than a factor causing conflicts.

Speaking about the Cyprus settlement, Metsola said that Turkey should stop putting forward “unacceptable and radical proposals” such as a two-state solution.

“The ongoing separation of a member of the EU family is an open wound. The reunification of Cyprus concerns the entire EU. The European Parliament strongly supports the resumption of negotiations to achieve this goal. The only option for a sustainable settlement of the Cyprus issue is to continue a focused dialogue based on the agreed framework and UN resolutions,” she said. .

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“At the same time, Turkey must demonstrate its commitment to maintaining good neighborly relations and stop promoting unacceptable and radical proposals, such as a two-state solution to the Cyprus problem, which is contrary to the spirit and letter of the UN decisions,” Metsola said.

Cyprus has been de facto divided between the Greek and Turkish communities since 1974 after the armed invasion of Turkey, provoked by a coup d’état in Cyprus and an attempt to annex the island to Greece. 37% of the territory of the island was occupied, on which the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was proclaimed in 1983. Only Turkey recognized it.

Negotiations between the Greek and Turkish communities on the reunification of Cyprus are being mediated by the UN. They were interrupted after the failure of the next round, which took place in the Swiss town of Crans-Montana in 2017. Attempts are now being made to resume negotiations.

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