The expert called the consequences of the refusal of Russian energy resources for Europe

MOSCOW, 1 Oct — PRIME. Sooner or later, Europe will be able to do without the supply of energy resources from Russia, but at the same time it will pay the price of the quality of life and the economy, Ilya Kalenkov, general director of European Electrotechnics, told RIA Novosti.

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“To the question whether Europe will cope without Russia’s resources, we can safely answer that it will. But at what cost will this happen? After all, in general, you can heat with firewood and proudly declare that we did without Russian gas. You can close your production or transfer them to America. Naturally, this will reduce dependence on Russian gas, it will be needed less. But here the question is not to get by, but to maintain the quality of life, the quality of the economy,” he believes.

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The expert noted the key role of the cost of electricity in any serious production, be it ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, fertilizer production, or the automotive industry. He believes that a significant increase in gas and electricity prices makes European industry uncompetitive. A complete rejection of Russian supplies will lead to the fall of the European economy, its deindustrialization, and then to an increase in unemployment and a decrease in the quality of life in the region.

According to Kalenkov, now no other energy carrier can compete with pipeline gas. “Yes, Europe has its own coal in certain quantities, there is even its own gas in some regions. But still, on the scale of the European economy, this is a small trifle compared to real needs,” he stressed.

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“Of course, over time, everything can be overcome, some new reality will form,” the expert said. Perhaps Europe will build nuclear power plants, but it will take 10-15 years. It can also develop wind and solar energy – but this will be productive only as an additional tool, and globally it will not help solve problems either in the short or long term, Kalenkov added.

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“Maybe they will agree on something with the Arabs. Maybe there will be breakthroughs in alternative energy and technologies. But in my opinion, in the next three years, European industry, first of all, and the European economy as a whole, does not expect anything good,” he concluded.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday at the signing ceremony of the treaties on the entry of new territories into the Russian Federation that the United States, pushing through the complete rejection of energy carriers and other resources from Russia by the European Union, is leading Europe to de-industrialization in order to completely “take over the European market.” The European elites understand this, but they prefer to serve other people’s interests, the Russian leader added.

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