The expert explained what “eats” mobile traffic

MOSCOW, 8 Oct — PRIME. Hthe unwillingness to limit oneself in watching mobile video, various applications, as well as malware can “eat” traffic, despite the fact that it is now limited due to the refusal of operators from unlimited tariffs, Zecurion CEO Alexei Raevsky told Sputnik radio.

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“Many people watch videos and movies using the mobile Internet, send large files. At the same time, the traffic “leaks”. Social networks also “eat” quite a lot. Therefore, users consume a lot of traffic,” he said.

Malicious software can increase consumption, but this rarely happens with smartphones, the expert said.

“A virus on a mobile device is still exotic, it doesn’t happen often. But if some kind of malicious program code has really got into a smartphone and consumes data, it won’t be easy to remove it. You will need an antivirus program. Or resetting the phone to factory settings can help” Raevsky explained.

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At the same time, according to him, a variety of applications can play the role of viruses that consume mobile Internet.

“We usually install all applications on the device in a row, we do not have a brake, meanwhile, they themselves consume traffic. An application that a person does not use can “eat” traffic and cause the mobile Internet to end unexpectedly. That is, in applications can act as a virus. Recognizing this is quite simple: in the smartphone settings you can see the consumed resources, including Internet traffic. Check which applications consume more and think about how much you need them,” Raevsky advised.

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