The expert explained what messages in instant messengers can not be opened

MOSCOW, 13 Oct – PRIME. Messengers have firmly entered the life of a modern person, almost each of us uses several programs for correspondence at once. However, like any program or application, they can not only help in solving everyday and work issues, but also carry a certain threat, Shamil Magomedov, head of the Department of Intelligent Information Security Systems at the Institute of Cybersecurity and Digital Technologies of the RTU MIREA, told the Prime agency.

Named phones that can not be tapped

The most dangerous are messages from unknown numbers containing gif-animation, links and text files, he assures.

“With the help of such social engineering techniques, hackers can plant malware on your smartphone and gain access to confidential information,” the expert says.

If you see on the preview of a message from an unfamiliar number that it contains this kind of content, Magomedov advises deleting the message without even opening it.

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You should also not trust messages containing calls to action or intriguing phrases. For example, “Go to the site”, “Win a prize”, “You won’t believe what photo I found” and the like.

“If you really became the winner of some competition of a serious, non-fraudulent action, the organizers will find a way to contact you in another way,” the expert notes.


“All-seeing eye”: who is watching you through your smartphone

Also still a popular way of “communication” of criminals with a potential victim is SMS messages. Often, older people fall for such tricks.

“An alarming sign if an SMS comes from a contact with the generic name “Info”, “Information”, “Site” and so on. It is better to delete such messages without opening, especially without clicking on the links contained inside, the specialist warns.

To minimize the chance of a hacker attack, remember to regularly scan your smartphone with an antivirus application. Do not install applications whose purpose you do not know. Explain the rules of digital hygiene to children and elderly relatives and be sure to block unfamiliar numbers that send out suspicious content, the source concluded.

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