The expert explained why most online purchases are made unconsciously

MOSCOW, 11 Sep — PRIME. Russians make most decisions about purchases in online marketplaces spontaneously, being in a good mood, and only 10% of all decisions made are conscious, Natalia Galkina, an expert on the Neuronet market of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) platform, told RIA Novosti at the last EEF.

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According to the expert, marketplaces are becoming an increasingly popular place to shop. Galkina notes that at the moment purchases are made according to the laws of behavioral economics.

“We make up to 90% of decisions spontaneously, without fully realizing it, and only 10% are rational. Moreover, people most often make spontaneous purchases when they are in a good mood,” the expert said.

Galkina noted that people are also willing to spend an average of 10 to 15 minutes searching for a suitable product. The exception is products that are of extreme necessity. As the expert explains, the decision to stay on the platform and continue the search is made by a person “on average, in three seconds.” As soon as people begin to get annoyed with the inability to find what they need, they go to another platform.

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“Now neuromarketing has more and more requests for the analysis of marketplaces and mobile applications. Such a study allows you to show the customer where a potential buyer is looking, how he behaves when he makes a purchase in an application or desktop version (version on a computer desktop – ed.) and at what point he became uncomfortable,” she added.

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