The expert listed the habits that “kill” the smartphone

MOSCOW, 20 Oct – PRIME. Despite the fact that modern gadgets are quite resistant to various damages, the habitual rash actions of the owner can reduce the life of a smartphone, Yevgeny Chertok, head of the IT department of the Reksoft group of companies, warned in an interview with the Prime agency.

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Smartphones, like any electronic gadgets, are extremely sensitive to water, even in the form of splashes and steam. Often coffee or tea gets on the device, this can disable it.

Chertok noted that smartphones are rather large devices. You should be careful with narrow pants pockets: you should not wear a device in it, because the body bends from bending stress, the glass peels off, and other invisible violations occur in the case.

It is also contraindicated to carry a smartphone in a pocket or bag in the same compartment with keys, metal zippers and other hard objects, the expert said. The reason is obvious – the glass and the case can be scratched this way. In addition, Chertok advised not to use cheap, disposable Chinese network or car chargers.

“Wild power surges and transients will shorten the life of your device,” he explained.

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The expert also recalled the “simple truth” that any electronic device, including a smartphone, is dangerous to be in direct sunlight or another case of overheating. This will bloat the battery.

The speaker does not advise putting the gadget on the windowsill: central heating batteries are located under it. If you are on vacation, do not take your smartphone with you to the beach.

The interlocutor of the agency also recommended not to keep the phone in the reach of small children or animals.

“I think that many have experienced the most unpredictable effects of their influence on their gadgets,” the expert added.

In conclusion, he warned about the dangers of self-flashing a smartphone, or installing unsuitable system software on it.

“If you are not a professional in this matter, then self-tuning can lead to the fact that in your hands there will be not a communication device, but a piece of useless plastic,” the expert concluded.

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