The expert predicted Xiaomi a significant share in the Russian laptop market

MOSCOW, 29 Sep — PRIME. Xiaomi can take a significant share in the laptop market in Russia, Denis Kuskov, CEO of the Telecom Daily information and analytical agency, shared his opinion with RIA Novosti.

Xiaomi may become the first supplier of laptops to Russia since the imposition of sanctions

Earlier, the Izvestia newspaper, citing a source in a company that is a partner of the Chinese manufacturer, reported that by the end of autumn Xiaomi could start delivering laptops to Russia. It was noted that in this way it will become perhaps the first well-known vendor to enter the Russian market after the start of the military operation in Ukraine and the sanctions campaign.

“Xiaomi continued to work throughout this period with the sale of smartphones, when Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Hohor left. Therefore, there is nothing strange that Xiaomi can start shipping laptops to Russia … I think this is a good chance to take a significant share in the market in the absence of a significant range of products,” Kuskov said.

The expert explained that the company realized that this was “a serious opportunity to increase a significant share in the segment in which they were not represented.”

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The press service of the M.Video-Eldorado group (which unites the two largest Russian chains of home appliances and electronics) reported that they plan to expand cooperation with Xiaomi and start selling laptops of this brand.

According to them, in January-July in Russia, the retail segment of laptops amounted to about 1.7 million devices. Devices from Chinese brands demonstrate the highest dynamics among manufacturers, they accounted for about 30% of sales in volume terms, compared with about a quarter a year earlier.

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