Algerian gas will not change the situation in France, says Macron

PARIS, 26 Aug – PRIME. Algerian gas will not be able to change the gas supply situation in France, said French leader Emmanuel Macron.

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He explained that France is the least dependent on Algerian gas, its share in supplies is 8-9%.

“We are not in the same position as other countries, so Algerian gas will not change the situation for us (with gas supply in the country – ed.),” Macron said, answering questions from journalists in Algeria.

According to him, Franco-Algerian energy cooperation will also not affect the diversification of gas supplies in France.

Macron also noted that France will be all right with gas in the coming winter, as supplies are diversified, a new gas terminal in Le Havre will soon appear and strategic gas storage facilities are already more than 90% full.

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“Therefore, everything will be fine with the French with gas this winter,” he stressed.

French President Emmanuel Macron

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Earlier it became known that France became the fifth country of the European Union, where underground storage facilities are filled with gas by more than 90%.

At the end of July, French Cabinet spokesman Olivier Veran said that France was in an “unprecedentedly difficult” situation in terms of electricity generation. The French government has already taken a number of drastic measures to save energy. So, for this purpose, the country expanded the ban on illuminated advertising, and shops were forbidden to keep the doors open when the air conditioner or heating system is running. Retail outlets must turn off illuminated signs and air ventilation at night, dim lighting by 50% before customers arrive, and by 30% during normal hours in case of a critical level of power consumption. The government also urged citizens, despite the intense heat, not to abuse the air conditioners.

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The French president is on a visit to Algiers on August 25-27.

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