The expert said that the Russian budget will not suffer because of the “price ceiling”

MOSCOW, Sep 2 — PRIME. The Russian budget will experience short-term and minor difficulties if the West’s initiative to impose a price limit on Russian oil is adopted, Dmitry Zhuravlev, scientific director of the Institute of Regional Problems, expressed this opinion to RIA Novosti.

Medvedev appreciated the idea of ​​the EU to introduce a “ceiling on gas prices from Russia”

“Our budget is likely to suffer a little and not for long,” Zhuravlev said.

At the same time, he doubted that such an initiative would be implemented at all. “Europe will buy differently, cunningly. It is a fact that supplies will be reduced, but it is unlikely that they will stop. It’s just that the West itself will not survive without them. Now they can take new oil only from Africa, but now there are big problems there, because there is no money, new deposits are not being discovered, the old ones are going deeper and deeper, the cost is too high,” the expert explained.

As Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak said the day before, the idea of ​​limiting the price of oil in the Russian Federation is completely absurd, Russia will not supply oil and oil products to those countries that support it.

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According to Zhuravlev, even in this case, a decrease in exports to Europe will not be critical for the budget, since oil and gas prices are rising and supplies will be reoriented to the East. “The Indians are already buying our energy resources, including even coal, and even more so the Chinese. As they close the tap in the West, the tap in the East will open, and most likely even faster,” the expert added.

On Friday, the G7 finance ministers confirmed their intention to impose a price limit on Russian oil and called on other states to join this initiative. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said this would accelerate the degradation of the Russian economy.

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