The expert told about ways to find out who has access to your phone

MOSCOW, Sep 1 — PRIME. Large manufacturers in a competitive race do not devote enough time to security issues and increasingly release devices “raw”, which gives attackers the opportunity to breach and infiltrate the “brains” of your smartphone. Pavel Myasoedov, director of IT-Reserve, tells Prime agency how to resist this.

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Most leaks are our fault. Clicking on an unknown link, ignoring antivirus warnings, too simple a password cause serious problems, up to the theft of money, he pointed out.

“If you have the slightest suspicion that your phone has been compromised, contact your mobile operator to record calls and Internet sessions. Compare the data with your actions. This way you can identify periods when the smartphone is functioning without your knowledge and suspect where the suspicious activity comes from. Install specialized software that will scan the device for the so-called “trojans” – applications that enable fraudsters to remotely control your gadget, “says the specialist.

According to Myasoedov, notifications about password changes that you yourself did not initiate can serve as a serious signal that someone has access to your smartphone. Such notifications can be sent to the mail or pop up in the form of push messages. Sometimes a jailbroken phone can send messages involuntarily.

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“Therefore, if one of your friends received an SMS from you with a meaningless, at first glance, text, you should immediately take preventive measures to protect personal data,” the specialist warns. The smartphone in such a situation must be reset to factory settings, and then installed on it the antivirus of the “eminent developer”, as well as VPN for safe operation when connected to public Wi-Fi networks.