The first water block for Intel Arc video cards doesn’t make much sense

Intel Arc A380: Intel's first d...
Intel Arc A380: Intel's first dedicated Arc graphics card for desktop PCs

The first water block for Intel Arc video cards doesn’t make much sense

For no apparent commercial or technical reason, the first waterblock for Intel Arc video cards. Realized by Bykskiis called I-GNA380-X and is compatible with the GUNNIR Arc A380 Photon OC, the only Alchemist GPU model available on the Chinese market.

The proposal of the waterblock designer it is without a doubt singular for two reasons: the first that the card is really not very widespread, therefore, the potential pool of buyers is limited; the second is that it is basically a product of low end, without the actual need for liquid cooling, moreover custom. Sure, it’s technically possible to liquid-cool anything, so here’s the I-GNA380-X tick.

It is not clear if the printed circuit board (PCB) of GUNNIR is “reference” or not, if it were the waterblock could fit the A380s of other manufacturers. At the moment we do not know the price nor the benefits on temperatures, but certainly they can only improve as well as guarantee zero noise. Aluminum backplate, copper cooling block and clear acrylic cover make up this solution which is not lacking even gods LED RGB.

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As for the GUNNIR Arc A380 Photon OC, it is a video card with GPU ACM-G11 produced by TSMC at 6 nanometers, equipped with 8 Xe-core and accompanied by 6 GB of GDDR6 memory at 15.5 Gbps on a 96-bit bus. The TGP of the “standard” A380 is 75W, but in this specific case the overclocking requires an additional 8-pin connector and brings the TGP to 92W.

As you can understand, these are features that do not require liquid cooling, especially custom. If nothing else, Bykski has collected some free notoriety, even if we are still talking about a niche sector in which fans already knew it existed.

In the meantime, the market debut of the other first generation Arc video cards, such as the A750 and A770 models, is expected: according to rumors, the debut will take place between August and the end of September in a silent way, without the sound of trumpets. At the moment we still have no news on Intel’s plans regarding the landing in Italy.

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