The Hungarian Trade Association Issues Energy Saving Guidelines

MOSCOW, August 28 – PRIME. The Hungarian Trade Association has issued energy saving recommendations for member companies due to the expected further increase in energy prices, the list is published on the association’s website.

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“During the current severe energy crisis, National Trade Association member companies of all trades—distributors of food, medicine, various industrial products such as clothing, toys, furniture, technical goods, and household goods—learned how they can operate even more efficiently. in terms of costs than so far, as the energy price spike is expected to increase even more in the future.

Among the measures that the association recommends are turning off the lights after the store closes and employees leave, reducing the lighting of the sales area during business hours without affecting customers, including overtime, adjusting the operation of air conditioners and heating, taking into account weather conditions and the fact that customers are supposed to wear “outside-temperature-adapted” clothing. It is also recommended to turn off air exchange systems at night, using them only when necessary, turn off unused cold rooms, turn off shop window lights, rooftop logo lights, and parking lot lights after store closures.

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In addition, the association shared a list of gadgets that can help companies save energy and money. Among them – LED lamps, automatic doors with a smaller opening, thermal insulation of buildings, a system of “smart” thermoregulation depending on the outside temperature, solar panels and electric vehicles.

It is noted that the measures are advisory in nature and each enterprise has the right to choose ways to save energy based on individual characteristics.


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Earlier, the Hungarian government declared a state of emergency in the energy sector, which includes a package of seven measures: an increase in gas production in the country from one and a half to two billion cubic meters, the search for an additional 700 million cubic meters of gas to fill storage facilities, a ban on the export of energy and firewood, an increase in coal production, speeding up the restart of the Matra coal-fired power plant units as soon as possible, extending the life of the Paks nuclear power plant, and cutting the preferential program of utility bills. The last measure is that now those who consume more than the average gas and electricity will have to pay for the overrun not at preferential, but at market prices.

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban later said the country was developing a “stove and boiler” program to replace gas heating wherever possible, particularly in schools. Orban said forestry enterprises have also been tasked with learning how to harvest more firewood. The Ministry of Agriculture of the country reported to RIA Novosti that in autumn the forestries will start harvesting timber according to new plans, adapted to the conditions of increased demand.

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