The mayor of Montatera in France threatened that the city would stop paying for energy

PARIS, 29 Aug – PRIME. The mayor of Montater in northern France, Jean-Pierre Bosino, has threatened that the city will stop paying for electricity if the authorities do not take measures to make life easier for the population due to rising prices, according to France-Presse.

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Bosino explained that the city’s energy bill could rise from 600 thousand euros to 2.5 million euros next year due to the expected increase in the price of electricity to 1 thousand euros per megawatt hour in 2023.

“It’s impossible! How can I find the missing 1.9 million euros? What service should I shut down? Should I cancel school meals or close City Hall for three days a week?” — quotes Bosino agency.

The official noted that it is not normal when power generation company EDF is forced to sell electricity at a price of 50 euros per megawatt-hour to its competitors, which costs it 8 billion, which is not enough to maintain power plants.

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“If the government does nothing to make life easier for the population, we will no longer pay the bills, and I call on all communities affected by this to do the same,” Mayor Montatera said.

French Secretary of State for European Affairs Laurence Boon on Monday warned of the risk of further increases in electricity prices in the country in 2023.

At the end of July, French Cabinet spokesman Olivier Veran said that France was in an “unprecedentedly difficult” situation in terms of electricity generation. The French government has already taken a number of drastic measures to save energy. So, for this purpose, the country expanded the ban on illuminated advertising, and shops were forbidden to keep the doors open when the air conditioner or heating system is running. Retail outlets must turn off illuminated signs and air ventilation at night, dim lighting by 50% before customers arrive, and by 30% during normal hours in case of a critical level of power consumption. The government also urged citizens, despite the intense heat, not to abuse the air conditioners.

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