The Russians were warned who will be turned off WhatsApp in the near future

MOSCOW, 8 Oct — PRIME. WhatsApp messenger will stop working on a number of outdated devices until the end of October. If your gadget has fallen under the innovation, nothing can be done about it – you will have to follow the company’s policy, Vadim Tkachenko, founder and CEO of the vvCube consulting group, explained to the Prime agency.

Russians warned about a new scheme of fraud through instant messengers

It is reported that the social network will not work on models that support iOS 10 and 11, they will have to update the OS to at least iOS 12. Owners of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C smartphones will have to completely abandon the messenger, since there are no current updates for these models.

According to Tkachenko, this problem has both legal and technical aspects. The legal one is that in every user agreement of any product there are cases when the program cannot be downloaded or there are some obstacles to this. And if your operating system or your device does not support secure data transfer, then the copyright holder or owner of this software may restrict the download or use of this equipment in general.

“The technical aspect is that if there is no technical possibility for data transfer, then it may even be impossible at some points, and even prohibited by law,” Tkachenko reasoned.

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It is possible that over time, the WhatsApp application will become unavailable on smartphones from other manufacturers due to the obsolescence of their operating systems.

WhatsApp is an application owned by Meta* that allows you to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, documents, and voice messages.

*Meta activity is banned in Russia as extremist.

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