The RX 6900 XT LC go on sale in Europe, appear on mining farms within a few days

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Although in theory the reference Radeon RX 6900 XT LC was only intended for pre-assembled systems, for months we have been seeing different listings that sell it individually in Asia, and now these listings have begun to appear in Europe, allowing Users in that region purchase a RX 6900 XT LC without having to purchase a complete system.

The cheapest list in Europe is that of the German store MindFactory, which sells the card for 1,749 euros, equivalent to 1980 US dollars. As a comparison, the most basic RX 6900 XT start at 1500 euros, so the difference for this model with liquid cooling is not that great.

Sales begin, mining farm appearances begin

After a few days of these listings appearing in stores, Andreas Schilling of HardwareLuxx shared images of a mining rig equipped with 10 of these cards, showing that instead of ending up in the hands of gamers, graphics cards are again ending up in the hands of the miners. This is something curious in the case of these RX 6900 XT, since exactly the same hashrate is obtained with a RX 6800 XT that costs much less, the time in which the investment is recovered is shorter, although we already saw that some miners they like to use exotic solutions even if they are not the best in price performance.

It will be interesting to see if AMD ends up releasing this RX 6900 XT LC globally, or if only limited units will continue to appear in certain stores as is the case up to now. We will keep you updated.

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What do you think about the price of the RX 6900 XT LC? Would you like this card to be sold in your country?