Valve confirms that they are not developing Half-Life 3, they are focused on their Steam Deck

Half-Life 3

Valve has wanted to settle the arrival of the future Half-Life 3 indicating that no, that said game is not in development, and that all his efforts are focused on his console Steam Deck, which are not few, since it goes through validating each of the games available on Steam to verify compatibility with your portable console.

The person in charge of the news was Tylver McVicker, of Valve News Network, who claims in a new video that according to his sources, there is no sequel to Half-Life 2: Episode Two in development.

“To get the big question out of the way, is there a true sequel to Half-Life 2: Episode Two in development at any position at Valve Software? The end of Half-Life: Alyx, for those of you who haven’t played it much, hints at the continuation of Gordon Freeman’s story..

The thing is, no at this time, there is no major development team working on nothing outside of the few pieces of software that are specifically tailored to hardware right now.

Valve is trying to bring out the Steam Deck, and as many people have observed, the Steam Deck has been significantly more successful than originally anticipated, so Valve is throwing a lot out of it.

Half-Life 3, Half-Life 2: Episode 3, any kind of traditional mouse and keyboard shooter at Valve is not taking place, [y] if it does, it is a very small group of people and those individuals will not be seen as generators of value in the upper echelons. “

Half-Life: Alyx

Tylver McVicker claims that Valve is working instead on a separate project called Citadel. According to him, the gameplay of Citadel makes it fit better in the Steam deck, and that’s why Valve is focusing, apparently, on that.

“Valve is working on a piece of software to better show what the Steam Deck is capable of: Citadel. This is a festival of nostalgia, it is a hybrid game between the FPS / RTS genre based on Half-Life that is based on in cooperativism. Think Left 4 Dead and Alien Swarm, and an RTS and Half-Life having a baby. “

via: VGC

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