Wind generation in the European Union reached almost 20% of the total volume on Wednesday

MOSCOW, 28 Sep — PRIME. Wind power generation in the European Union remains at 20% of the total this week, with wind strength expected by the end of the week, according to data from the WindEurope association and analytical company Rystad Energy.

Europe’s wind generation has plummeted

So, on Monday, wind farms provided Europeans with 22.8% of electricity, and on Tuesday – 19.2%. At the same time, a week ago, the average was only about ten percent.

“Increase in wind speed is expected on the continent, especially towards the end of this week, but the effect may be partially reduced by the volatility of the gas market,” Rystad experts noted in their review of electricity prices in Europe.

Meanwhile, an additional cause for concern for the gas market on Tuesday was given by Gazprom’s statement about the Ukrainian Naftogaz’s attempts to initiate arbitration proceedings on the Russian company’s incomplete payment for transit. Gazprom believes that services not rendered to it should not be paid for, and Naftogaz’s legal attempts may even bring it under Russian sanctions and a ban on transactions.

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The supply of Russian “blue fuel” to Europe through Ukrainian territory has been going on in a limited mode since May. Ukraine has stopped receiving gas for transit through the Sokhranovka gas measuring station (GIS), leaving only one entrance – the Sudzha GIS. Gazprom stated that it was technologically impossible to transfer all volumes to Sudzha.

The application for pumping through the Sudzha GIS as of September 28 is 42.4 million cubic meters, follows from the data of the GTS Operator of Ukraine. The indicator has been holding at the level of 40-43 million since the end of May.

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