Yandex will not transfer the domain to VK

MOSCOW, 23 Aug — PRIME. The Yandex company will not transfer the domain to VK along with the Novosti and Zen services, but during the transition period it will organize redirects from it to the website, a source close to the deal told RIA Novosti.

The Federation Council called the advantages of the transaction “Yandex” and VK

The companies announced on Tuesday that they have signed binding documents for a deal under which VK will become the owner of the Novosti and Zen content platforms, and in exchange will transfer to Yandex the Delivery Club service for the delivery of ready-made food and groceries (VK will receive it as a result of restructuring joint venture with Sber). The transaction is scheduled to close by the end of 2022.

At the same time, Yandex announced that it would abandon the news aggregator and would develop as its new main page — it would become the main entry point to Search, Mail, and other company services, including the Yandex ID user account. “. And VK reported that the Zen and Novosti services would become available on the portal after the acquisition by the company.

“There are two ways to sell: sell the domain completely or make a redirect. You can’t sell the entire domain – the entire Yandex lives on it. Therefore, during the transition period, there will be a redirect to the website, which will belong to VK,” the agency’s source said. , answering the question about the possibility of selling the domain.

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In turn, Ruslan Permyakov, deputy director of the NTI Competence Center “Trusted Interaction Technologies” based on TUSUR, suggested that Yandex would continue to keep the domain of the same name. “In the future, the company will retain the yandex domains (there are many of them: in the ru, kz, etc. zones). This is an asset of the company. There are many mailboxes plus this corporate name,” the expert told RIA Novosti.

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