“You can’t think of anything stupider.” In the United States criticized the idea of ​​limiting the price of oil from Russia

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — PRIME. Statements by the US Treasury about the need for the G7 countries to impose a price ceiling on Russian oil angered readers of The Wall Street Journal. They are sure that attempts to limit the price of Russian oil will lead to an uncontrolled increase in fuel prices, and it is the US authorities, lobbying in the G7 countries for such a decision, that will be responsible for this.

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“Has government-imposed price caps ever worked? Oops. I forgot one political party doesn’t exactly study history,” user Tony P wrote.

“This price cap idea is the dumbest thing ever. It will never work and will only make the G7 look even dumber, if it’s even possible now. Frankly, such ideas reek of desperation. The West is already completely isolated in its confrontation with Russia. world no longer joined the sanctions. They will not join this stupid “price ceiling” either. Because it will mean that the West will have to do without Russian oil, and no one wants to pay $ 300 per barrel,” said user Ig Bris.

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“Explain how this is even supposed to work. I think that the arsenal of cash in Russia and the reduction in production by five million is offset by rising global prices. Does the G7 understand that oil is the largest commodity market and trying to control prices is like putting on a Band-Aid for a complex fracture? asked Jordan Pine.

Oil production.

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“I have a much better idea: let’s put restrictions on Biden,” Marc Siste sneered.

“The stupidity of the West has gone to another level. In every article, the WSJ blames Russia for the rise in oil prices. No, the reason is the sanctions imposed by Western governments. which many do not agree. Sanctions only harm us. I am at a stage where I do not care who the candidate is. If he says: “I will lift the sanctions and promise neutrality in the conflict around Ukraine”, then I will vote for him. Also, at the moment I support Russia, and I never thought that I would write this,” user Jared lopez admitted.

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