AMD FSR, the run-up to DLSS has begun: integration into Unity, Unreal Engine and available code

AMD FSR, the run-up to DLSS has begun: integration into Unity, Unreal Engine and available code

A few weeks have passed since the announcement of FidelityFX Super Resolution (here our first contact), the upscaling technology (agnostic, i.e. it also works with Nvidia GPUs) created by AMD to ensure greater gaming performance while trying to preserve image quality as much as possible. Available immediately in 7 games and 12 more titles in the future, FSR seems to have received an excellent reception from the world of developers.

Today FidelityFX Super Resolution lands on Arcadegeddon e Necromunda: Hired Gun thanks to an update and then will follow over the next two weeks Edge Of Eternity e Resident Evil Village. The total will then rise to 12, but the tally destined to grow continuously and other titles had already been announced earlier.

As for the developers, AMD ha FSR source code made available under the MIT open source license, on the GPUOpen website. Another novelty the immediate integration of the technology into the Unity and Unreal Engine game engines, a development that should facilitate its diffusion in dozens of video games. In the case of Unity, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution available via the special beta preview branch of Unity 2021.2 HDRP, while on Unreal Engine 4 it comes in the form of a patch.

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“The response to AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution has already been phenomenal from both gamers and developers. There will be 12 games supporting FSR within the first month of its availability starting in the next few weeks, and 40 major game developers and publishers are on board to support FSR in released and upcoming games, including titles such as Asterigos, Baldur’s Gate 3, Far Cry 6, Farming Simulator 22, Forspoken, Myst, Swordsman Remake and Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt “, conclude AMD.

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