AMD Radeon Picasso is revealed after more than 10 months

Unfortunately, we still don’t know much about APU processors codenamed Picasso, but now we know at least that they are being made. Plans from 10 months ago were confirmed by an entry in the UserBenchmark database.

AMD Radeon Picasso presented to us earlier, on one of the “red” slides. From the revealed roadmap, we learned that these APUs will be the successors of the current Raven Ridge (which premiered just a dozen weeks ago), but will allow for a bit more. They are to nurture the current Raven Ridge architecture with improvements in terms of performance and energy efficiency. They will be intended for both the AM4 stand on desktops and the FP5 stand on laptops.

However, only now something has moved about the Radeon Picasso, as an entry about it was found in the UserBenchmark database. Unfortunately, it is devoid of tests and details about the specifications. However, its designation “15D8” points to the successor of Raven Ridge, which appeared in similar databases under the code name “15DD”. The presence of “Radeon” in the name is rather obvious and refers to the graphics chip – Radeon Vega.

Source: Videocardz

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