Antminer r4 Hashrate – Price | Pros and Cons | Earnings

Antminer r4 hashrate - Price Pros and Cons Earnings

Antminer r4 Hashrate – In the spring of last year, Bitmain released the most powerful ASIC miner at that time. He coped well with his function, making it better than other devices of this type, but had one major drawback – the noise level. Using that Antminer at home was almost impossible.

After listening to the controversial user reviews, the manufacturer has already released a new ASIC miner at the end of August. When developing it, the minuses of the previous model were taken into account, with the result that the Antminer R4 was very quiet.

Design features – Antminer R4

The device has quite impressive dimensions – 51x22x10 cm. And although they exceed the performance of the previous model, you still can “hide” Antmainer P4 under the bed so that it works completely unnoticed.

The case consists of three parts. To disassemble it, you need a cross-head screwdriver and a lot of patience. A lot of screws, so it will take some time to unscrew them. There are two hash boards. On each of them – 63 chips. The manufacturer placed them in 3 rows, which is why the boards have an elongated shape. Because of this, cross-blowing has become more efficient.

The main feature of ASIC is a tangential fan. It is rarely used in electronics because of its large size and high cost, but it is excellent for use in devices that are purchased for the house in unit quantities. After all, most of the miners buy one or more R4, so there are usually no problems with their placement.

The fan can operate at speeds up to 3 thousand rpm, however, if the temperature in the room does not rise above 25 degrees, then it will not accelerate to more than 2 thousand rpm. In such conditions, ASIC is noisy like a normal laptop (about 35 decibels).

The Antminer R4 uses the Xilinx ZYNQ-7000 system with ARM Cortez core based on the A9 system.

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The device also uses Xininx 28nm programmable logic. There is Gigabit Ethernet support for instant display of processed blocks.

 Bitmain Antminer R4 Pros and Cons


  • Very quiet fans, suitable for home use.
  • The most effective Bitcoin miner after Antminer S9.


  • Although it is designed for home use, the price of $ 1,000 makes it affordable not for everyone.

Antminer R4: The Perfect Bitcoin Home Miner

Antminer R4 is the latest and unique Bitcoin Miner from BitMain. In this review we will talk about the main features of the model.

Antminer r4 Hashrate

The Antminer R4 is capable of delivering up to 8.6 TH / s, making it the second fastest device after the Antminer S9, slightly ahead of the Antminer S7.


The efficiency of R4 is 0.098 J / GC. Thus, the S9 is the most efficient bitcoin miner on the market. Here is a quote from the site Bitmain:

Bitmain BM1387 chip is created using TSMC’s 16nm FinFET technology and generates a record-high 0.098 J / GH, being the world’s most efficient bitcoin chip in the consumer market.

R4 is so efficient because it uses 126 new BM1387 chips from Bitmain. BitFury became the first company to launch 16nm chips.

Performance and power supply

Bitmain Antminer R4 has a high performance, making it one of the best devices for mining cryptocurrency at home. The performance declared by the manufacturer is 8.6 Gh / s at a factory frequency of 600 MHz. The power consumption of a regular outlet is approximately 960 watts.

Along with the appearance on sale of a new model of Antmeiner, the manufacturer introduced a new power supply – ARW5. It is designed specifically for R4 and surpasses all predecessors in its performance. Moreover, it can power two Antminer 4, so if you are going to buy several devices, then power supply units will need 2 times less.

Rated power of ARW5 power supply unit at a voltage of 220 V – 2600 W. There is a mode specifically for American buyers – 1300 W at 110 V. This is enough for connecting two R4s, as well as for their further acceleration. Of course, you can use the power supply with earlier models of ASICs.

To make the ARW5 quieter, a 120 mm fan is used to cool it. It is virtually silent and perfect for home use. There is only one flaw in the power supply unit – bare output contacts. For security reasons, it will have to be kept there, where children or pets will not get.

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Antminer R4 uses the most modern power supply unit (PSU) to date. Bitmain recommends using APW5.

APW5 works with inputs 220v and 110v to generate 2600 W and 1300 W, respectively. APW5 is priced at about $ 240.


As they say, nothing good comes cheap. Looking at the great features that Antminer R4 has, you can expect its price to be high. Antminer R4 costs 1000 dollars. Its price is the main disadvantage because it may be too big for the average user.

Ease of use

After installing Antminer R4, you will see that its interface is well designed taking into account user needs.

It is very easy to use.

All you need to do is enter the address of the wallet and the settings of the pool before the production begins. You can also adjust parameters such as fan speed or frequency.

Bitcoin / month (yield)

Most miners reading this article actually want to make money by hashing.

Closer look at the Cost-Effectiveness of Antminer R4

  • With a hash rate of 8.6 TH / s, the Antminer R4 is the second most powerful gadget after the Antminer S9.
  • It consumes about 845 watts using an APW5 PSU power supply.
  • Most homes have an outlet that can safely handle 845 watts, but be prepared for energy bills to increase significantly.
  • Plan an investment of around $ 1,000 for Antminer R4 and $ 240 for the APW5 power supply .
  • Having calculated the profit of mining at the current (at the time of writing) bitcoin price of $ 574, we found out: it will take you approximately 527 days to return your investment if the energy cost does not exceed $ 0.10 per KwH.

Of course, we assume that all factors will remain unchanged, which is almost impossible in the constantly changing world of Bitcoin. Therefore, use the calculator and independently calculate the profit, based on the current rate.

The data shows that Antminer R4 will ultimately make a profit, but only if the level of network hashing, the price of bitcoins and the cost of electricity remain unchanged. All these factors are very unreliable, as the complexity of the network is constantly increasing.

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Thus, you definitely risk buying this miner, and mining may not be worth your time, despite the many advantages that the model provides compared to other equipment.

R4 compared to other devices

MinerHesrayt, th / sPrice, USD
Antminer S51.16139.99
Antminer S74.73489.99
Antminer S914.03,000
Avalon 63.50559.95
SP20 Jackson1.3-1.790.00
Antminer R48.61,000

Quiet work

One of the most unique features of Antminer R4 is that it was designed to produce the quietest sound possible with maximum hashing frequency.

Antminer R4 replaced the traditional fan system of rotating blades. The classic cooler was the main source of noise in other equipment for mining.

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The Antminer R4 fan was designed based on a silent split air conditioner and reduces the sound level by 50%, yielding only 51 dB. Its rotational speed is controlled automatically, ensuring that the noise level is adjustable.

Final thoughts

Mining bitcoins at home has recently become an almost impossible task.

The reason is not only in the cost of devices. They generate a lot of heat and noise, not to mention the amount of electricity consumed.

This makes them uncomfortable, and to make a profit is almost impossible!

Unlike Antminer S9, S7 or Antminer S5 , Antminer R4 Bitmain is aimed at the home miner market.

This gadget can provide you a profit unlike USB models.

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Some of these problems we discussed in the article. You can mine as a hobby and still earn some money.

This model is useful not only for mining fans, but also helps to improve the decentralization of bitcoin production in general.

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