Antminer S9 Hashrate – Profitability, Payback Period and Pros

Antminer S9 Hashrate - Profitability, Payback Period and Pros

Find out all the vital information relating to the profitability, payback period, pros and cons of the Antminer S9 before you buy. Antminer S9 is a high-performance ASIC from Bit main Chinese corporation, the world leader in the production of equipment for the extraction of digital currencies. According to experts, at the end of 2017 – the beginning of 2018. S9 is the best device for mining MTC and especially BCH.

Antminer S9 and its characteristics

In addition to the productivity of work, asik S9 has the highest energy efficiency among devices designed for mining bitcoin (BTC) and its fork – bitcoin cash (BCH). Its body is made of high-strength aluminum, has the shape of an elongated rectangle with coolers on both panels. This thought-out structural solution allows the internal components to be cooled by means of heat removal by the directed airflow using the minimum number of fans.

On the top panel of the S9 are an Ethernet controller, two LED indicators, a slot for an SD-card. Inside there are three parallel cards with connections to them with BM-1387 chips. For heat removal special radiators are used.

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Asik S9 has excellent technical characteristics, primarily performance and efficiency, safety, reliability of components, as well as small size and weight. With consumption of 1,300 W, it produces 13.5 +/- 5% TN, which is significantly higher than in previous-generation models. The working base is a system of 16-PM chips, increasing the speed of hash calculation. A total of 189 chips, evenly distributed across the 3 boards, are combined to achieve a hashrate of 13.5 Thash / sec.

Advantages of ASMA Antminer S9

The main advantages of this device for the extraction of cryptocurrency include:

  • efficiency;
  • the best ratio of productivity and profitability;
  • autonomy;
  • reliable cooling system;
  • simple and quick setup;
  • unpretentiousness in work;
  • the possibility of a full flashing as part of the standard update;
  • Linux support;
  • high-tech power supply;
  • the possibility of combining with other models in the common mining pool.

The main drawback of the S9 is the same as that of other Asiki – quite a loud noise when working. Since the model was originally designed for industrial use, the developers did not consider it necessary to take care of reducing the sound of the fans. Those who are going to install S9 in an apartment will have to allocate a separate room for this or change fans.

Other disadvantages of the device are an incompatibility with most mining pools, the lack of a basic power supply unit, which adds another $ 180-200 to the declared value of the device.

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Payback period Antminer S9

Payback period Antminer S9
You can earn money with the help of farms and asiki, but you need a competent approach

No matter how attractive the characteristics of S9 are, before deciding to purchase, it is imperative to calculate the estimated profit taking into account many factors, including the cost of the equipment itself, electricity, the rate of cryptocurrency, the ever-increasing complexity of computing the block algorithm.

The value of the proceeds from mining will also depend on the pool, to which S9 will become a participant. Despite the high power, it is unlikely to pay for itself in solo mining, so the choice of the pool can be crucial.

The second important aspect is energy consumption. Miner consumption S9 – 0.1 J / g Hash, which is about 2.5 times less than S7. The power consumption is 1,300 W (300 W more than the S7).

The cost of this model on pre-order is 160 thousand rubles, the cost on Amazon is from $ 3,600.

To calculate the payback will need the following data:

  • equipment cost – $ 2,500 – 3,600 and higher;
  • performance – 14 tons / s;
  • current exchange rate;
  • network complexity (for Bitcoin – 1,123.96 M, for Bitcoin cache – 222.36M).

You can make calculations using an online mining calculator. Based on the above data, the MTC production, with asika’s permanent work, should give an income of up to $ 450, a BCH production – up to $ 600. Of course, the calculations are correct subject to the stability of the source data.

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Mining Antminer S9 – Is It Profitable?

Judging by the numerous reviews in the network, as well as taking into account the above information, Antminer S9 can pay for itself in a period of 8 months. up to 2 years. Although, as industrial miners switch to the newest technologies, the complexity of the PTS and its forks can grow even more, which will correspondingly reduce the income from mining. In general, this device is a very effective, although still too expensive tool for crypto-production. Experts believe that because of their exceptional characteristics, the S9 will remain competitive for longer compared to previous Asick models from Bit Main.

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