Bitfury B8 miner – Specification Profitability and Payback Period

Bitfury B8 miner - Specification Profitability and Payback Period

This review contains information regarding the payback period and specifications of Bitfury B8 for BTC and BCH mining.

Productive ASIC with 576 chips of type 16nm BF16BTC8162 Bitfury B8 is designed for the extraction of cryptocurrency on the SHA-256 algorithm. The two most famous cryptocurrencies on this algorithm are Bitcoin (BTC) and fork of the payment system Bitcoin Cash (BCH). By the end of 2017, fluctuations in the rate of Bitcoin Cash were fixed in the range of $ 3,600–4,000, which made BCH’s estimated production by means of Bitfury B8 more profitable than mining BTC.

Miner review and specifications

Bitfury’s ASIC B8 does not belong to industrial samples of mining products, but has impressive characteristics and size. The metal case of the device is compatible in size with server racks of 19 “. The miner has 6 compartments with through ventilation. 6 motherboards cover the same number of aluminum radiators. 576 chips of the BF16BTC8162 type have 96 pieces per board.

bitfury b8 miner

The remaining characteristics and parameters of Bitfury B8 are as follows:

  • Performance: up to 50 TH / s.
  • The process technology of chips: 16 nm.
  • Communication output: Ethernet 100 Mb / s LAN.
  • Energy efficiency: 0.13 j / gh.
  • Power consumption: 6400 watts.
  • Dimensions: 270x440x650 mm.
  • Weight: 37 kg.
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In front of the device there is a connector for 2 power supplies, signal LEDs, a communication port (LAN) and signal indicators.

Payback periods for BTC and BCH

By pre-order, Bitfury B8 can be purchased for 7-8 thousand dollars, but the approximate date of receipt of the miner is calculated with a delay of almost six months. So ordered in January 2018, the B8 will be available only in summer.Actual retail prices from dealers start from 1.3 million rubles (22.5 thousand dollars). On them and should be guided to calculate the payback miner.

  1. BTC. With a Moscow electricity tariff of $ 0.09 / kWh and the current cryptocurrency rate of about $ 15,000, the monthly profit when calculated by the Cryptocompare calculator is $ 2,700. Annual production is estimated at 2.45 BTC, but with the increase in mining complexity, the value will be about 2 BTC. Another 5 thousand dollars a year will be spent on electricity. With such a calculation, the payback on a mining device at BTC is about 8-9 months.
  2. Bch. When setting the initial parameters, the calculator shows that the income per day will be $ 142, the cost of electricity – almost $ 14, the total daily income will be about $ 128, and the annual income will be $ 46,720. From this price you need to take away the cost of the miner himself ($ 22,500), which gives us an approximate payback within six months with the current rate of this cryptocurrency. However, it is impossible to fully rely on such calculations, since BCH is subject to exchange rate changes even more than BTC.
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Miner Bitfury B8 is included in the list of equipment officially authorized for import and sale in Russia. But when ordering directly from abroad, we must bear in mind that the official permit does not remove customs restrictions and duties in the amount of 30% of the cost of goods weighing more than 31 kg in the amount exceeding 1,000 euros per month. Bitfury’s 37-kilogram ASIC falls under both paragraphs.

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