15 Best Cryptocurrency Mining Programs – Pros |Cons

15 Best Cryptocurrency Mining Programs - Pros |Cons

Here are the best cryptocurrency mining programs you will currently find on the market along with there Pros and cons + Findings. Mining is the main method of mining cryptocurrency. Computing equipment is not the only attribute that is needed for it. For successful mining, it is also important to choose a convenient and functional software that is fully consistent and adapted to the existing equipment and the extracted cryptocurrency.

What programs are needed for mining?

New coins are generated when new blocks are revealed. To do this, it is necessary to perform mathematical calculations that are impossible without high-precision computational algorithms.

Mining equipment (ASICs, video cards, processors) provide the necessary power for quick settlements, but you can only put them into operation with the help of special software – mining programs.

A mining program is a utility designed specifically for cryptocurrency mining. Such a program allows you to regulate the mining process, connect or disconnect equipment, set mining capacities and switch between cryptocurrencies and pula.
Mining software is divided into three types:

  1. Programs for mining on the video card.
  2. Programs for mining on the processor.
  3. Universal programs that allow you to connect any computer technology.

Additional functions can be built into mining programs:

  • overclocking equipment;
  • monitoring and adjustment of equipment heating;
  • automatic switching between pools according to a given algorithm;
  • monitoring of the most profitable production areas;
  • remote control;
  • switching between equipment;
  • setting critical heating parameters;
  • automatic shutdown under given conditions.

The efficiency of mining depends on choosing the right mining program. If the software does not match the capacity of the equipment, then its potential will not be used, and therefore production will not be carried out to its full potential. In addition, mining software allows you to configure the effective, but at the same time safe work of computer technology. This is mainly achieved by regulating the production capacity at which the heating temperature of the computer equipment does not exceed the maximum allowable limit.

How to choose a program for mining?

The main selection criterion is the algorithm chosen for the extraction of digital currency. Different cryptocurrencies operate on various algorithms and software should allow mining of the desired one.

Mining software must match the equipment and its power. As a rule, different software is used for mining on video cards, processors and ASIC miners. There are also universal programs that allow you to start mining on all devices.

The main thing is that the software allows you to start production on the prepared equipment and match its power. For example, if it is planned to launch computational operations on a video card capable of delivering up to 80 MH / s, then the software should correspond to such an indicator. If the software is most capable of performing calculations at a capacity of 40 MH / s, then half of the equipment’s potential will not be used, while wear will still be observed.

This situation threatens the inability to recoup equipment. Various programs also show different results when mining on one equipment, due to the fact that some computational algorithms are designed to maximize production from low-power equipment, while others are designed specifically for equipment with high hash power.
Next, you should evaluate the capabilities of the programs:

  • Convenience of the interface. Some programs are controlled by a built-in graphical interface, which is very convenient for beginners, others through the console, where the required skills for entering a parameter into the string are required, but through the console the production process can be configured to the smallest detail.
  • Multifunctionality. If you plan to mine one type of cryptocurrency, then you should choose software tailored exclusively for it. If in the process it is supposed to switch between different currencies in advance, then universal programs should be preferred, preferably with the function of remote control or automatic switching to the most profitable production.
  • Heating adjustment. In order to avoid quick wear and unexpected breakdowns during mining, you should constantly monitor the temperature of the equipment. Many programs have built-in options to reduce production power, in case the temperature becomes peak, and the use of others requires monitoring the temperature on the BIOS installed in the PC or additional utilities.

It should also be noted that most mining programs are perceived by antivirus systems as malicious. Therefore, before installing on a PC, you must disable the firewall or select software compatible with it. Also, some programs require additional utilities on the computer.

Best Cryptocurrency Mining Programs

Consider the 15 best software products that will allow you to mine cryptocurrency.


Popular mining programs are led by CGMiner. The program was developed more than six years ago for Bitcoin mining. Allows you to start production on any equipment and is compatible with all operating systems.

The work of the program CGMiner

CGMiner does not have a graphical interface, the program is controlled through the console, and it is quite easy to use, since the set contains detailed instructions, and the search for connected equipment is carried out automatically. With proper settings, the program allows you to use the potential of the equipment at full capacity, and there is also a built-in acceleration function and control of the cooler rotation speed.

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flexible tuning of the program for mining and mining parametersconsole-less control for beginners
compatibility with all OShigh heating equipment
possibility of mining in the background
built-in overclocking function
supports switching and working with multiple pools
the ability to use a third-party graphical interface
availability of detailed instructions for use

Key feature: it is stable in the background.
Due to its high popularity, some versions of the program installed from dubious sources may carry the background mining process for the version developer. You can install the licensed program from ck.kolivas.org ck.kolivas.org.


Claymore – paid universal software. For every hour of software operation, cryptocurrency mining is carried out in favor of developers for two minutes. In exchange for this, the developers provide users with technical support, as well as constantly improve the version of the program. There is also the option to use the program for free. but in this case the equipment will not be used at full capacity.

Claymore - paid universal software

It was in Claymore that the dual mining function was first implemented, in which one equipment can produce mining by several algorithms at once. The software is designed for mining on video cards, it supports mining simultaneously on AMD and NVIDIA. The program is controlled using the command line, an additional convenience is the highlighting of different parameters in color. On this software, you can mine Ether, as well as Pascal, Decred, LBRY, Siacoin. The latest versions of the program also allow you to mine Monero, Komodo, Dogicoin, ZCash, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

the ability to combine various mining algorithms and equipmentwhen using the program, a service charge is charged
developer support and ongoing software upgradesconsole management
remote control via JSONit is noted that after an automatic switch to production in favor of the developers, a bug sometimes occurs and manual switching of production back is required

Key feature: implemented dual mining function, which allows you to mine several different cryptocurrencies at the same time.

You can download the program from the website: dualminer.ru .


The work of the MinerGate program

Universal mining software that combines mining software, pool and cloud mining service. The program was developed in 2014 and has since been improved repeatedly. MinerGate is easy to use and is suitable even for beginners, as it is controlled using an intuitive interface. With this software, you can get 14 top cryptocurrencies and use any mining equipment.

user-friendly graphical interfacestartup occurs automatically immediately after installation, so you must promptly specify personal data
multifunctional software suitable for any equipment and providing the ability to mine the most profitable cryptocurrencies at the same time
built-in cryptocurrency converter and pool
many years of successful work

Key feature: the software has a smart mode function for automatic mining, in which production switches to more profitable currencies. This function can be turned on and off as you wish. The user always has the opportunity to select the extracted currency in manual mode.
Official website: minergate.com .


BFGMiner is similar to CGMiner, as it is developed on its basis, but exclusively for ASIC devices. The software is not suitable for mining on processors, but can be configured for several types of video cards. Mining on video cards using this software is very doubtful, since it is extremely difficult to set up productive work.

Due to the narrow focus of this software, it is possible to use the maximum power of the connected equipment.

The work of the program BFGMiner

Management and configuration is done through the console. Using hot keys and editing commands, you can adjust the temperature, switch between pools. The program also constantly monitors pools and excludes the possibility of connecting to inaccessible ones. Compatible with Windows and Linux.

setting all production parametersnarrow focus on production using ASIC devices
high performancelack of graphical interface
remote control via graphical interface
easy switching between pools

Key feature: with a slight increase in the permissible temperature, it allows to achieve maximum performance.
Installation link: bfgminer.or.


The work of the EthMiner program

The best program for mining Ethereum and its forks. Software developed specifically for mining using the ETHASH algorithm, allowing Ethereum mining with maximum profitability. Management and configuration occurs through the command line, as there is no graphical interface. The main emphasis is on mining on NVIDIA graphics cards, but it can also start mining on AMD cards, showing good performance.

use of software with NVIDIA cards shows maximum productivitylack of graphical interface
almond heating equipment during miningminer for Ethereum and its forks, not used for other cryptocurrencies

Key feature: the latest software versions can significantly increase the hashrate of older models of NVIDIA graphics cards and take Ether production to a new level.
You can install any version from the site popular among miners: github.com.


NiceHash program work

NiceHash is a universal program that allows you to use processors and video cards as computing equipment. Behind this software is a project that allows you to rent and provide your capacity for rent to other users. The service allows you to mine cryptocurrencies using 30 different algorithms, but at the same time, all charges are automatically converted to the MTC. Before installing NiceHash software, you should go through a simple registration procedure on the official website, since after installation the program will immediately require authorization.

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simple and convenient graphical interfaceautomatic conversion of mined coins to Bitcoin, sometimes at a not very favorable rate
variety of tokens mined
high precision built-in calculator
detailed usage guide
automatic selection of the most profitable mining direction
miners rent their computing power to other users

Key feature: combines the ability to rent and lease the power of your own mining farm.
Official website: nicehash.com.


The software serves as a convenient graphical interface for the programs GGminer, BFGMiner and other popular console miners.

EasyMiner Software

Allows you to combine mining on various devices and algorithms, compatible with all versions of the OS. The interface allows you to adjust production, switch between pools, create and track the balance of wallets in a few clicks. Depending on the selected console client, you can mine Bitcoin, Litecoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

convenient free graphical client for top console softwarein some versions of the program, the change in the mined cryptocurrency should still be configured through the command line
suitable for all types of computing equipmentconsidered by antivirus programs as malicious
allows you to configure production in a few clicks
The program constantly monitors the balance sheet and provides detailed statistics on production

Key feature: allows you to make convenient the work of console programs for mining.
Official website: easyminer.net.


MultiMiner is a graphical client that significantly simplifies the extraction of bitcoins with BFGMiner, accordingly it has the same advantages, but is much more convenient. After starting, a brief instruction on working with the program is provided, upon completion of familiarization with which automatic monitoring of connected devices will be performed. All devices will be shown in the table, together with the predicted profitability at the current capacity and the average hash power on the pool.

Work programs MultiMiner

This program for bitcoins supports their mining from multiple pools, and also provides the ability to select several automatic strategies. For example, automatically switching to a more profitable currency or mining cryptocurrencies with the least complexity on the network. MultiMiner is provided free of charge, but everyone can thank the developer for creating a convenient program by sending 1% of the mine. Link to send posted on the official website of the project.

intuitive interface that greatly simplifies mining with the BFGMiner console clientno significant flaws noted by users
allows you to choose automatic mining strategies for the most expensive cryptocurrency or currency with the least network complexity at the moment
automatic hardware discovery and pool monitoring
convenient setting of all production parameters
the developer provides complete instructions and user support in exchange for a voluntary donation

Key feature: allows you to turn mining on the BFGMiner engine into a simple and easily customizable mining, which you can track and configure even with smartphones, while being outside the home or farm location.
Official website: multiminerapp.com.


Mining software for the popular American Bitminter Mining Pool, which has existed since 2011. The program has a very convenient graphical interface. The dial on the left shows the total power of the connected equipment, and to start, just click on the “Start” button. The “Statistics” section contains a full production report, which can be reset at any time.


The work of Bitminter programs

Mining software for the popular American Bitminter Mining Pool, which has existed since 2011. The program has a very convenient graphical interface. The dial on the left shows the total power of the connected equipment, and to start, just click on the “Start” button. The “Statistics” section contains a full production report, which can be reset at any time.

Before installing the program, you will need to register on the official website of the pool.

does not require detailed configuration before connectingonly supports mining at Bitminter Mining Pool
convenient and easy to use
complete production statistics are provided

Key Features: The software is designed specifically for mining on one of the most durable and popular pool.
Official website: bitminter.com.

Rpc miner

The work of RPC Miner programs

Mining software that allows you to use the power of video cards for cryptocurrency mining. Supports all types of graphics cards, 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, as well as Mac OS 10.6 and higher. Allows you to independently set the pool address, production capacity and equipment operation settings through the console.

flexible configuration through the consolemanagement is carried out exclusively through the command line
the ability to get instructions by setting the command “/ help”
Designed specifically for mining Bitcoin on video cards
on the built-in calculation algorithm a good combination of temperatures and performance

Key feature: this is one of the few programs that allows you to mine Bitcoin and is designed for Mac OS operating systems.
You can install the utility on the official page in the forum: bits.media.

GUI Miner

Convenient and popular software, designed in a graphical interface for the convenience of users. It allows you to mine Bitcoin on any device, supports both solo mining and connection to pools.

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Operation of GUI Miner Programs

The program displays production statistics, the total production rate and the number of blocks mined. Software is compatible exclusively with Windows. Settings with popular pools are built in initially, for other pools you can set your own. In addition, the program allows you to configure auto-connection, works fine in the background and displays the current balance of coins mined, which can be displayed immediately from the program.

user-friendly graphical interfaceonly supported by windows operating system
displaying mining statistics and balanceyou can only mine Bitcoin
automatic settings for all popular pools
the ability to mine on multiple pools simultaneously or individually

Key feature: it was originally developed as a program for mining bitcoins with a convenient graphical interface specifically for Windows, but there are GUIMINER-SCRYPT programs that allow you to mine the most popular altcoins.
Official website: guiminer.org.

Ufasoft miner

Work programs Ufasoft Miner

The program is a graphical client for mining Bitcoin and LiteCoin, TeneBrix on video cards. After downloading, the program is already configured for standard mining, you just need to specify the pool address and specify personal data, but using the command line you can additionally change the maximum allowable temperature regime, change the mining algorithm and set switching between pools. Supported on Windows and Linux.

support for all types of video cards and mining poolsshows disappointing results on high-power equipment
Provides easy settings using hot keys
you can adjust the production power
work on parts of connected equipment
mine cryptocurrencies from multiple pools at once

Key feature: it supports Bitcoin mining using all video cards, but it is mainly designed to increase the extraction of equipment with a small hash power, which makes it convenient for mining on a home computer.
Installation link: ufasoft.com.

Awesome miner

Work programs Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner is rightfully the best miner with a universal set of functions for all types of cryptocurrencies. This is a paid mining software designed for professional miners. Depending on the version, its cost varies from $ 30 to $ 800. The program allows you to configure and manage the farm remotely, equipped with a convenient graphical interface, allows you to mine all the popular cryptocurrencies. The utility also tracks cryptocurrency price quotes, based on which it offers the most profitable mining options. Switching between the algorithms can even be done using a smartphone, provided that the mobile application is installed and synchronized with the desktop version.

convenient and multifunctional graphical interfacehigh cost of software product
the ability to mine the most popular and expensive cryptocurrencies
remote control by synchronizing the mobile application with the desktop version of the program
technical support for users in Russian and English
monitoring the value of cryptocurrencies and mining profitability

Key Features: Well-designed software that contains all the tools for productive mining, but the program has a paid basis.
Official website: awesomeminer.com.


Work programs DiabloMiner

DiabloMiner is a Bitcoin mining program. Using the program shows excellent results on high power GPU equipment. This software is designed primarily for experienced miners, as it is a console client, without the ability to connect even to a third-party graphical interface.

high production efficiency combined with powerful equipmentlack of a graphical interface and the ability to use third-party
compatibility with all operating systemssupports mining only Bitcoin
flexible adjustment of production parametersSupports 79+ and 8 and higher series graphics cards for NVIDIA
free access

Key feature: the program is designed exclusively for production from high-power graphics cards and shows excellent production results. Other devices cannot be connected.
Installation link: bits.media.


The work of Nheqminer programs

Nheqminer is a mining program, which is a console client designed specifically for mining ZCash on video cards. The latest versions of the program allow you to use it for mining on any equipment and are designed for all OS.

Due to the narrow specialization in ZCash mining, the use of this software shows the best mining performance.

high mining efficiency of ZCashall interactions are carried out exclusively through the command line
automatic search for connected devices
the ability to use any device
extensive setup of production parameters

Key Features: A mining program designed specifically for high-quality mining of ZCash.
Installation link: github.com.


Installing mining software allows you to use computing power for cryptocurrency mining. When choosing software, it should be understood that the efficiency of production depends on its proper selection and configuration. As a rule, production using different software may differ by 10-20% in efficiency. The main emphasis when choosing should be made on the correspondence of the chosen cryptocurrency and ease of use, and also not to forget that some programs are designed for efficient mining on high-power equipment, while others allow the use of slightly outdated iron as efficiently as possible. The list of software should be constantly monitored, as new programs and improved versions are regularly released.

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