Arctic offers a powerful 120 x 120 x 15mm case fan

Arctic trademark delighted owners of compact cases with the release of a new fan P12 Slim PWM PST, which combines the overall dimensions of 120 x 120 x 15 mm with adequate performance for effective cooling and the ability to adjust the speed by the PWM method in the range from 300 to 2100 rpm

The fan pumps 71.53 cubic meters / hour or 41.4 cubic feet / min. At the same time, the special design of the electric motor keeps the winding temperature at 34.4 degrees Celsius, allowing the manufacturer to provide a ten-year warranty. The hydrodynamic bearing reinforces this confidence in the manufacturer.

Image source: Arctic

The power cable with a Y-shaped splitter for connecting multiple fans to one 4-pin connector is 400 mm long. The noise level does not exceed 0.3 sone – this unit of measurement is traditionally used for Arctic products. The cost of new items in Germany, including VAT, reaches 9.99 euros.