ASIC connection for : How do you add / Install Asics to Hiveos?

ASIC connection for HiveOS

ASIC connection for : How do you add / Install Asics to Hiveos – We are very often asked questions related to the ability to connect ASICs to the Hive OS system. With the connection of GPU rigs, everything is simple and detailed here , but in this article we will talk about ASICs.

Now you do not need to dig into the settings of the ASIC itself, prescribe something there, now you just need to connect it to the hive os and configure everything from a single, very convenient and modern web interface.

Supported ASIC models:

  • Antminer S9 / S9i / S9j / S9-Hydro / S9 (VNISH) / S9 (mskminer) / S11
  • Antminer L3 + / L3 ++
  • Antminer D3 / D3 (Blissz)
  • Antminer DR3
  • Antminer A3
  • Antminer T9 / T9 +
  • Antminer Z9 / Z9-Mini
  • Antminer X3
  • Antminer E3
  • Antminer B3
  • Antminer S7
  • Innosilicon A9 ZMaster
  • Innosilicon D9 DecredMaster
  • Innosilicon S11 SiaMaster
  • Zig Z1 / Z1 +


Default login and password for SSH connection:

Antminer – default user : root default password: admin .

Innosilicon – default user (ssh / telnet): root , default password: blacksheepwall or innot1t2 or t1t2t3a5 .

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Login with SSH to your miner and run the following command:

cd /tmp && curl -L --insecure -s -O && sh selfupgrade

For Antminer D3 Blissz, before installing, run:

ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Force FARM_HASH or RIG ID and password, change api url:

firstrunor firstrun FARM_HASH– set when there is no configuration.

firstrun -for firstrun FARM_HASH -f– force installation to replace the configuration.

Fast installation

You can use FARM_HASH to add ASICs automatically without entering a setup ID and password. Get your hash and put it on the command line.

cd /tmp && curl -L --insecure -s -O && FARM_HASH=your_hash_from_web sh selfupgrade

Bulk installation

You can install Hive OS on all ASICs that you have on your local network. Or you can install firmware on Antminer S9 / i / j. To do this, you must have a running Linux computer (maybe Hive OS on a GPU rig) or Antminer ASIC with a Hive client, download the files using this command:

apt-get install -y sshpass curl
cd /tmp && curl -L --insecure -s -O && sh
cd /tmp/hive-bulk-install

Edit the config.txt file to set the FARM_HASH or firmware URL, edit the ips.txt file to list the IP addresses of the new ASICs. Or you can scan your local network for Antminer.> ips.txt

To install Hive, simply run

To install the firmware on Antminer S9 / i / j, just run

If an IP address has been connected, it will be commented out in the file.

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Downgrading and revising

If you want to install a specific version or downgrade, add the version as an argument for self-upgrade. For example. 0.1-02.

cd /tmp && curl -L --insecure -s -O && sh selfupgrade 0.1-02

Locally on the ASIC, you can run the command selfupgrade. To install a specific version, you must run selfupgrade 0.1-02. If you want to reinstall the version, add -fto the command like this self-update 0.1-02 -f. To install the current development version from the repository, please run selfupgrade master.

To display data in monitoring, be sure to create a flight sheet.

How do you add Asics to Hiveos?

You Start off by doing the Follow:

  1. Hive OS tab in the ASIC web interface
  2. firstrun command via SSH.
  3. Download a special . tar. gz file via BTC Tools (mass deployment)

Removing Hive OS


Perhaps the cron jobs need to be manually deleted with crontab -e, even leaving them there won’t change anything.

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Some innosilicon factory firmwares have a memory leak and asic freezes every few days. To fix this problem, you can enable miner or asic restart every 24 hours. Run the following commands:

inno-reboot miner enable/disable
inno-reboot asic enable/disable
inno-reboot status

asic-find (Antminer)

To search for ASIC Antminer among a large number of ASICs, you can blink the red LED. To do this, run the command via the web interface or via SSH:

asic-find 5

Example: ” asic-find 15” red LED will flash for 15 minutes

Zig Z1 +

cd /tmp && wget && bash selfupgrade


cd /tmp && wget && FARM_HASH=y

It is in this, not complicated way, that you can connect ASIC devices to Hive OS.

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