ASIC for litecoin Mining – Antminer L3 + and Ashik A4

ASIC for litecoin Mining - Antminer L3 + and Ashik A4

Find out all the vital information that you need to have on ASIC for litecoin Mining – Antminer L3 + and Ashik A4. Bitcoin is considered the leading cryptocurrency. But soon promising LTC can take the lead. The coin has significant potential and ASIC for mining Litecoin can bring quick profits. The concept of Lightcoin was strongly influenced by Bitcoin. Litecoin has every chance to give odds to many cryptocurrencies. So, you need to think about starting the process of mining.

LTC lifespan is much higher than the cue ball. Its life cycle volume is 84 million. As for Bitcoin, the figure is completely different – 21 million. Another advantage of silver is the instantaneous generation of blocks. The coin is 4 times faster than Bitcoin. Generates blocks in just 2.5 minutes. LTC also uses a simpler algorithm that is easy to run not only on the ASIC, but also on the GPU. Besides all this, Lightcoin is more adaptive to change, unlike BTC.

ASIC for litecoin Mining

Now it is clear why this cryptocurrency is so popular. For its production a lot of specialized equipment has already been produced. Produce it to this day, constantly improving. The most powerful, highly efficient miner is ASIC. This article provides an overview of the best ASIKs for mining Litecoin.

Features and characteristics of Antminer L3 +

High-performance hashing device – Antminer L3 appeared in early 2017. Reliable compact ASIC for mining Litecoin was of high quality and was immediately sold out. He did not have time to get everyone. It cost a lot of money, but the rising cost of LTC prompted the purchase of an expensive Asik. Given this demand, the manufacturer Bitmain decided to develop and release Antminer L3 + – a more advanced Asik.

Features and characteristics of Antminer L3 +

There are no special conceptual differences between these devices. The same VM 1485 chips are used, but in Antminer L3 + there are 2 times more of them. The difference is clearly visible on the example of hashrate. In the first case, the performance is 255 MH / s. In L3 +, the indicator is more impressive – 504 megahash per second. We can say that the new model is the same L3. Only twice as powerful. ASIC Antminer L3 + specifications:

  • Productivity – 504 MH / s
  • The number of chips – 288
  • Number of boards – 4
  • Algorithm – Scrypt
  • Power consumption – 800 W
  • Energy efficiency – 1.6 J / MH / s
  • Operating temperature – 5-40 ° C
  • Network connection – Ethernet
  • Dimensions – 352x130x187,5 mm
  • Weight – 6.5 kg (with packaging)
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As for the third model without a plus, almost all parameters should be divided into two. That is, the power consumption of L3 is – 400 watts. The device has 144 chips. The model is more compact in size (230x135x160 mm), has a small weight (with a package of 3 kg).

L3 (L3 +) comes without a power supply. BP need to be purchased separately. But remember: this product must have five six-pin PCI-E connectors. The original 1600W and 1300W APW3 + devices from the manufacturer Bitmain are ideal for efficient operation.

In relation to the noise produced, Lightcoin Asik of the third model without a plus looks especially attractive. Of course, he makes a noise. But not as much as L3 +. Its fan produces approximately 60 dB, which equates to loud talk. But two coolers installed in the new model do not behave so calmly. They produce noise up to 95 dB. This is not a flaw. Just Antminer L3 + need to be installed in a special room. If we talk about the benefits of L3 +, they are as follows:

  • Sophisticated cooling system. Powerful coolers are located on the front and back panel. Each of the 288 Ashik chips reliably cools. Made of aluminum radiator. This material has excellent thermal conductivity, which is important for the cooling system.
  • Compact and lightweight (for example, the Dominator A4, unlike the Antminer L3 +, weighs as much as 11 kg).
  • Stylish thoughtful design. The device is made in the form of a rectangular cylinder. The material used to make the case is high quality aluminum.

The profitability and payback of Ashik L3 + will be evaluated by the Lightcoin coin. It does not have such crazy value ups like Bitcoin, however, this is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies to date. At the current Litecoin rate, the yield of an ASIC miner per month will be about $ 400. The price of the equipment is $ 2,800. Full payback can be achieved in 6 – 7 months. But provided that the Antminer L3 + will work around the clock 7 days a week.

Ashik A4 Dominator Review

The new generation mining miner Lightcoin A4 Dominator from the manufacturer INNOSILICON is ideal for home use. The device is compact. It works quietly. Carries high-performance chips. Differs in reliability and usability.

Ashik A4 Dominator

Technical characteristics of the miner A4 Dominator:

  • Hashrate – 280 MH / s (plus or minus 10%)
  • Power consumption – 1050 W
  • Algorithm – Scrypt
  • The number of chips A4 – 80
  • Technology – 14 nm
  • Chip Efficiency – 3.75 W / MH
  • Cooling system – cooler with large blades with a diameter of 12 cm
  • Operating temperature – 0 – 40 ° C
  • Case dimensions – 285x130x130 mm
  • Weight – 11 kg
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Delivery of this Ashik is carried out together with the network controller Raspberry Pi. He is already set up and ready to go. To start mining cryptocurrency, it is enough to connect the miner to the power supply and network. Power supply not included. It needs to be bought separately. The connection must be made using 8 PCI-E slots.

Probably, it is interesting, how was it possible to achieve such high performance at low cost of electricity? All thanks to special software. The advanced software and powerful hardware of this ASIC for Litecoin mining are not ignored by users. Also the miner has 3 more functional features:

  1. Check the temperature and frequency of the chips in automatic mode
  2. Reliable overheating protection
  3. Processor Self Test Program

The network controller also has software with a user-friendly interface. This allows you to control the work of the miner and adjust its parameters.

Now about profitability and payback. Efficiency A4 Dominator will provide a good income – about $ 200 per month. The cost of the device – $ 1190, which means that the payback period will be 6 months.

ASIC BW-L21 for Litecoin

A year ago, the cost of LTC was low. Some users began to abandon its mining. Others waited hard for the currency price to rise – and they did it right. At the beginning of 2017, this altcoin was estimated at only $ 4, but in September the exchange rate was $ 74. Now the cost of Lightcoin – $ 159. So, the right time for mining has come.

ASIC BW-L21 for Litecoin performance

Six months ago, a new mining miner LTC was announced – ASIC BW-L21 from the manufacturer Biwang Electronic Commerce Co ( – a worthy competitor of the company Bitmain. The device differs in reliability. Easy to configure. It works quietly, considering the power consumption of 950 watts. To configure this ASIC for Litecoin, you need a computer. But this is only for initial setup. Further, the device will function autonomously.

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The main characteristics of ASHIK BW-L21:

  • LTC hashrate – 550 MH / s (+/- 10%)
  • Electricity consumption – 950 W
  • Energy efficiency – 1,727 J / MGS
  • Algorithm – Scrypt
  • Technology – 28 nm
  • The number of chips – 144
  • Network connection – Ethernet
  • Cooling system – two coolers (3000 rpm)
  • Operating temperature – 0 – 40 ° C
  • Dimensions – 329x127x159 mm
  • Weight – 4.8 kg

Reliable compact BW-L21 comes in conventional corrugated boxes. Packed in tare two asika. To protect against mechanical damage used polystyrene linings.

The manufacturer works only with large customers. To purchase a BW-L21 should prepare $ 250,000. This amount will cost the minimum lot of ASICs in the amount of 100 pieces. The price of one miner is $ 2500.

Externally, the BW-L21 looks like an Antminer, only the controller is under the casing and there are no skids on the sides to connect miners into trusses. The device comes without a power supply. It is necessary to acquire BP in power not less than 1000 W. You will also need a PC unit with six PCI-E slots.

With a stable LTC course, the miner BW-L21 can be bought safely. The profitability of the equipment per month will be about $ 500. The cost of ASHIK is $ 2500, so payback will come in 7 months.

Let’s sum up

The demand for Ashiki for mining Lightcoin is constantly growing. In mining – a source of passive income, both experienced players and newcomers to the cryptocurrency market are interested. After all, for investment it is an excellent option. You can start mining and those who do not have large financial resources for the purchase of ASIC – payback periods allow.

Litecoin cryptocurrency is now in the TOP-5 virtual currencies of the world. Experts predict LTC excellent prospects, it is expected to increase its value. Mining on ASIC equipment is a highly profitable and most efficient way to get a promising coin and earn money quickly.

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