Asrock presents the first customized cooling solution for the Radeon RX 5700 series

In July, AMD opened the gateways and released new graphics cards as well as processors in the Ryzen 3000 series. The graphics cards are based on the new-old graphics architecture RDNA, which is currently a hybrid incorporating parts of the faithful servant GCN.

However, the launch of the Radeon RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT was plagued by the fact that they are only available in AMD’s reference version. It includes a so-called blowercooler which in this case becomes both hot and loud. However, the partner manufacturers are working feverishly to develop their own solutions, with Asrock first out.

This is the company’s new Challenger series, where the cooling solution is endowed with two axial fans of 100 mm that blow down on a cooling flange and four heat conduction pipes in copper. The casing has an angular design with a black color as well as silvery and yellow details, while the metal baking tray is mainly silvery.

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In terms of specifications, the clock frequencies are screwed up a bit compared to AMD’s reference cards. The Asrock RX 5700 XT OC gets a base frequency of 1,650 MHz and a turbo frequency of 1,795 MHz, compared to 1,605 and 1,755 MHz in the basic version. However, the maximum turbo frequency is left untouched at 1,905 MHz.

Little brother Asrock RX 5700 OC also gets higher frequencies, 1,515 MHz and 1,675 in bass and boost frequencies respectively. Compared to the reference card’s 1,465 and 1,625 MHz, respectively, this means a small step up in performance. Here, too, the maximum turbo frequency is left untouched, which also applies to the memory, which for both models remains at 8 GB GDDR6 at 14,000 MHz.

However, the power supply is being reviewed, where the 6 + 8-pin connectors on the reference cards are replaced with two 8-pin for 375 watts maximum power output with the power from the PCI Express port. In the connection path, three Displayports and one HDMI apply, the same as in the original version.

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When graphics cards find out in store or what they will cost, Asrock does not reveal. The manufacturer has a presence in the Nordic market, but this primarily applies to the company’s motherboards and not the graphics solutions. It thus remains to be seen whether Asrock will be the first to launch a bespoke Radeon RX 5700 in Sweden.

It is worth mentioning that previous information from AMD has claimed that partner cards will be found on store shelves in August.

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