Asus launches Geforce RTX 3070 Ti with blower cooler

Partner manufacturers of graphics cards are happy to take the plunge with their cooling solutions, which often differ significantly from the reference designs from AMD and Nvidia. For many years, both adhered to so-called blowercooler, where a radial fan sucks in air and dumps it out of the computer, but has now switched to alternative solutions to be able to cool today’s power – consuming graphics cards.

Despite better cooling capacity, there are enthusiasts who lack it blower-solution. One reason that stands out is precisely that the radiator shovels the generated heat out of the chassis, something that can be advantageous not least in compact constructions. Asus is now launching additional graphics cards in the Turbo series, where they combine high graphics performance blower-design.

Asus Geforce RTX 3070 Ti Turbo follows to the letter Nvidia’s specifications. The model is based on the GA104 graphics circuit in a full-featured version with 6,144 CUDA cores and a clock frequency of 1,770 MHz, which can be increased slightly to 1,800 MHz through an OC mode. This is flanked by 8GB of 19,000 MHz GDDR6X memory over a 256-bit memory bus for 608 GB / s bandwidth.

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In terms of size, Asus adheres to practically the same dimensions as AMD’s and Nvidia’s former reference designers with blower-cooler. This means that the graphics card takes up only two card slots and measures in at 268 millimeters. For connections, two 8-pin PCI Express connections are marked on the short side for power supply and in terms of picture outputs, there is an HDMI 2.1 and three Displayport 1.4a.

When the Asus Geforce RTX 3070 Ti Turbo appears in Swedish stores and at what price is not yet known.

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