Bitmain Antminer l3+ Overview – Specification | Profitability | Payback

Bitmain Antminer l3+ Overview Specification Profitability Payback

Bitmain Antminer l3+ – The growing popularity of Bitcoin and its basic blockchain technology has led to the emergence of dozens of new cryptocurrencies working on the SHA-256 hashing algorithm. But over time, it turned out that this method is not perfect at all. In search of a more sophisticated solution, the new Script protocol was created, which became the basis of calculations for signing Litecoin network blocks and other popular cryptocurrency projects.

Appearance and technical characteristics of Antminer l3

Antminer l3 was developed by specialists who had previously created a chip for MTC mining. With a capacity of 250 Mh \ sec, it consumes about 800 W of electricity, which is a very economical indicator.

The model involved 288 microcircuits, which is almost twice that of competitors. The result of the implemented innovations was the increase in mining efficiency by 100%.

Using Antminer l3 allows you to minimize the overhead in calculating the Scrypt algorithm and thereby increase the profitability of work.

The device is enclosed in a durable and compact steel case. This solution provides protection against mechanical damage, prolongs service life.

bitmain antminer l3+
bitmain antminer l3+

The main characteristics of Antminer l3:

  • computational power – 250 mhesh sec .;
  • the number of chips on the processor – 288;
  • power consumption level – 800 W;
  • noise level – 75 dB;
  • operating voltage – from 11 to 13 V;
  • operating temperature range – from 0 to +40 degrees;
  • body dimensions: 130 x 352 x 197.5 mm;
  • weight – 4.4 kg;
  • efficiency – 1.6 J;
  • price – from $ 1 500 to $ 2 000.

On the front and rear panels there are fans for the cooling system with a 6 cm radius of blades, operating at a speed of 3 thousand revolutions. They are indispensable in cases when you have to use the full amount of computing power.

The design provides additional slots for connecting integrated circuits. This allows you to turn Antminer l3 into a whole mining farm, located in its small and light body.

In the center of the panel there are two color indicators that instantly signal device malfunctions, a button for automatically determining the IP address, and an input for an RJ-45 cable.

One of the technical features of ASIC is a two-tier adjustment of the cooling system, working using special software. The correct choice of settings allows you to significantly reduce power consumption and reduce noise.

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What coins can you mine on Antminer l3?

As already mentioned, l3 was sharpened specifically for the popular cryptocurrency ltc.

This is a universal coin, which has a larger block size compared to BTC, so that payments in the network are much faster. Other coins you can mine on l3:

  • dogecoin;
  • syscoin;
  • belacoin;
  • einsteinium and others.

Increasing the number of resources involved in calculating Scrypt greatly complicates the hardware implementation of specialized mining devices. Such a solution, according to the idea of ​​the developers of the algorithm, should prevent the possibility of developing cheap Asiki, which would allow concentrating large capacities in one hand.

But Antmainer l3, which, judging by user reviews, shows excellent results, has become a real technological breakthrough and in fact drove the video card out of the market. Even despite the relatively high price, buying a new ASIC is much more profitable than buying outdated GPUs.

Advantages of ASIC Antminer L3

  1. Simple and reliable connection and launch of the device.
  2. Minimum required additional elements required for operation (only power supply and twisted pair).
  3. The presence of the restart function, automatically restarting the device after the elimination of unexpected power failures.
  4. Compact case, thanks to which the Antmainer l3 can be easily placed in a regular room and just as easily transported to another place.
  5. Fast payback, achieved through high energy efficiency and excellent price / profitability ratio.
  6. Reliability in the robot. Firmware update is required very rarely, there is almost no downtime.

Disadvantages of Antminer L3

Like all integrated circuits, Antminer l3 has several disadvantages:

  • the impossibility of repurposing to work with another algorithm, except scrypt;
  • incompatibility of the chip;
  • strong noise during operation due to powerful cooling system.

It should also be remembered that due to the constant increase in the complexity of the network, the profitability of mining on Asiki is constantly decreasing, and l3 in this sense is not an exception.

Connection procedure and settings

For a stable uninterrupted miner connection, it is recommended to purchase a branded Bitmain APW3 power supply unit. The second condition is the availability of reliable high-speed Internet. It can be connected via twisted pair (there is a connector for it on the l3 body).

The Ashik case should be located at a distance of 20-25 cm from the wall for normal fan operation, otherwise the cooling will be ineffective.

After launch, you need to scan the local network through the settings in the interface and determine the IP device, and then enter the address in the browser string.

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To get started, you need to go to the settings of the selected mining pool, register the address, create a password and login, click Save. After that, the asik will reboot and mining will begin.

Note: when setting up the equipment, pay attention to an important parameter that is responsible for the reliability of work: next to the line “Stop running when temperature is over 80”, turn on the protective function “chack-box” – turning off the miner when overheating. After all the mechanisms are cooled to acceptable values, the system automatically resumes.

AntiMiner L3+ comparison with L3

Antminer L3+ и L3
  1.   Antminer L3 + was created by Bitmain based on the VM1485 microprocessor. It has a capacity of 504 mh \ sec (an increase of 5% is possible), equipped with 288 chips, two powerful coolers and a power supply. Like other models “Bitmain”, has a small size, simple and reliable in operation.
  2.   A4 + LTC Master. Asik produced by Innosilicon for mining ltc with a capacity of 620 mh \ sec, a power consumption level of 0.75 kW, two powerful fans. Sold in small batches, after pre-order you need to wait for manufacturing and delivery. Features of the model: high hashrate, low noise, reliability.
  3.   Innosilicon A6 LTC Master. An improved version of the previous model release 2018 with higher productivity (1.23 gh \ sec) and the level of electricity consumption (1.5 kW). The main minus of the A6 is the high price ($ 6, 3 thousand)
  4.   L21 Model 2017 from the company BW. Average performance – 550 Mh \ sec, 28 NM chips, two cooling fans, power consumption level – 0.95 kW. A reliable device with sufficiently high performance at a price of $ 2,640.
    How did Antmainer l3Plans to create a miner for the production of lightcoin in the company Bitmain nurtured since 2014? It was then that the first rumors about the imminent launch of Antminer l1 for script mining first appeared. But at that moment something grew together, and the asik never came to light. And now, three years later, at the beginning of 2017, publications about asika for script resumed in the media. This time everything worked out: soon the miners could already prepay for the Antminer l3 model – an improved version of the l1 that had not yet been released by the same manufacturer.The start of sales of the scripting device was in April 2017 and coincided with the beginning of the active growth of the ltc rate. This led to excessive demand for a new asik. Surprisingly, even the over-productive Chinese failed to meet the needs of all comers, there was a shortage in the market. Many miners even had to get to China to buy equipment on the spot, since it was unrealistic to do this in another way. As a result, fake L3 ant-miners appeared on the market, which was quite effective, but very quickly failed. Used equipment was sold on the market at a speculative price, far exceeding the manufacturer’s price. This is not surprising, because the new devices provided speeds of up to 250 Mx / s, which was significantly higher than the speed of the GPUs running on the Scrypt algorithm. Price and payback Antminer L3Of course, every potential buyer of Antiminer l3 is interested in how quickly the investment will pay off. During 2018, lightcoin gradually lost in value, as did almost all other cryptocurrencies. Today, one ltc is trading at about $ 54, which is almost six times less than the peak figures for January ($ 300). Of course, this directly affects the profitability of mining. Lightcoin course for the last three months according to CoinmaniaTo get an idea of ​​the amount of possible income, use the online mining profitability calculator, for example, WhatToMine.Those who did not have time to order a new one at the time of release can now purchase it only on the secondary market: on Ebay , Amazon and similar trading platforms or in specialized companies – official distributors of such equipment. The small weight and dimensions of the device can save on delivery, especially when it comes to long distances.
  5. But given the decline in mining profitability and the fact that the improved and more productive Antminer l3 + model has already been released, you should not pay more than $ 1,000, and even with the guarantee of fast delivery, the time is money formula in mining is particularly relevant. Perhaps it is better to wait for a stable positive dynamics of the cryptocurrency market, which, according to experts, should come very soon.