Blockchain Security – The Advanced Guidance Series continues

Blockchain Security - The Advanced Guidance Series continues

If you read our magazine for a long time then you already know how valuable bitcoin can be. Some of us managed to pay attention, others didn’t. It does not matter, even Satoshi Nakamoto declared himself far from an evangelist and said he “has no time” to convince those who do not see the value of this new digital market.

When it comes to security, we must be careful. Without a solid one and a minimum of knowledge about the protocol / technology used, the property of the crypto-currencies can be transferred to us. Not once did I read and write about unfortunate endings.

Blockchain security

Private keys or Mnemonic Seed locked on broken hardware, attacks on exchanges, scams on LocalBitcoins and through private channels are just a few of the existing ones. I can only imagine the bitter taste of those who are in such a story, especially when the price of Bitcoin relative to the classic currencies increases.

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The Advanced Guidance Series continues on Friday, November 8 from 7:30 pm.

The meeting will take place on the Zoom platform at the Goana After Bitcoin / Crypto Romania / Crypto Coffee / Concorde Blockchain Security initiative. The channel will be open starting at 7 pm and can be accessed at the following link.

We will be discussing about 2 hours on Blockchain Security. (How I keep “I” the value / How others keep my value).
The discussion will be a free / moderate one, in Romanian and will have the following program:

  • Prologue
  • Security elements on the blockchain (Example: The first solution developed on the blockchain – Bitcoin -)
  • Example 1 – How the value is protected in the Centralized Exchange system and other security elements in transactions and on the web – Invited Vlad Sas (founder of
  • Example 2 – Security optimizations in Centralized Exchange systems – Guest Sabin Simionescu (CTO and co-founder at
  • Q&A – Free discussions
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These materials are for educational purposes only. We do not want to promote products or projects. Your participation in this initiative is completely free, without any obligation. The projects or applications described come to strengthen and exemplify the purpose of these guidelines (as real cases of applications of the topics discussed)

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