Breitbart Readers Reveal Britain’s Future Without Gas

MOSCOW, 5 Oct — PRIME. Readers of the American publication Breibart, commenting on the forecast of the British energy regulator that England, Scotland and Wales may face a shortage of natural gas in the coming winter, ridiculed the policy of the British authorities.

In Britain, humiliated fellow citizens affected by anti-Russian sanctions

According to readers, “green hypocrisy” is to blame.

The lack of gas directly affects the operation of power plants, and in the UK almost half of the electricity is produced by gas, so this threatens a long chain of not very pleasant consequences for both businesses and the economy as a whole. The authorities have already developed a plan of action for the most urgent case, including a large-scale campaign to inform citizens about reducing gas consumption.

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Commentators Breibart reacted to such news quite violently. “Great Britain is run by idiots. They are shutting down all gas storage facilities, meaning in the long warm summer that has just ended, Centrica is making billions selling gas from the North Sea to Germans with huge gas storage facilities. A privatized Centrica is making huge profits from selling British oil Germans, and then the UK is left without gas in the winter,” one of the site’s users noted.

Bloomberg told who will be hit hardest by the crisis

“You only need to look at Europe to see what the policy of switching to renewable energy sources will cost,” writes letsspendmore.

Another user suggested eating ice cubes because “they’re delicious”. And another user asked to thank for this [энергокризис] Biden and corrupt leaders in the EU and beyond.

“Some people still laughed at me last spring… I bought a multi-fuel stove and other survival supplies, as well as firewood. and, of course, Victorian ceramic heating pads. Cheap and effective for heating the bed. And then another USB cable for charging the vest and gloves. Just put the battery in your pocket so that they keep warm longer,” user HONDA 1234 shared his tips.

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